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Asterion Moloc - Lord of the Minotaurs: Colored

Greetings all
This is the result of a collaboration work with :icongreyall:
~Greyall , I loved his armor designs and line work, as of you all :D , so we decided to add some colors to the mix.

Original Line art here:

I went with a comic style for coloring the design, I didnt want to lose the quality of the original. I hope you like it.
This is hopefully this is the start of many more to come.

C&c are more than welcome.
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Just nitpicking, but when you are so ridiculously fortified that you look like a five-year-old trying on his dad's armor, do you really need the shield? 
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more armor doesn't heart 
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Well sort of, yes. But unless that shield is made of some sort of super-duper hard "contrivium" alloy, way harder than the rest of the armor, than it's almost completely pointless! Real armored combatants of old didn't usually wield shields, simply because they didn't really need them. Of course, there were the uncommon instances where men in armor bore shields to defend against blunt weapons like maces and hammers, designed to cave in armor. But this guy already looks absurdly well protected, and he even has the range advantage with that big bad bardiche he's carrying! So what purpose is that little black dinner platter really going to serve?

You know, besides looking badass. It does do that. Shrug 
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You know those guys in DA that like making always bigger, muscular characters? Or those who want to absurdly inflate characters? It's like that, but with armour and weapons. It's fun.

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There's always room to expand, I guess.
my headcanon is that is made out of Blackstone
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I will stand behind looking badass :D 
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Intimidation can win the battle before it even begins.

Your philosophy is not without merit. ::):
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I could just picture this, 12 ft piece of godliness starring over the Persian Armies, "Where is your god now?"
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تمااااااااااااام 200 من 10
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عراسي معلم
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This is Sparta!
Wow! You and your friend have made an amazing work!
Combine the fighting potential of a space marine with the resistance of a terminator armor is terrifying!
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Hey thanx :D :D
Yes the work on Greyall is amazing and I loved working on this collab
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with this armor i dont think he needs that shield XD
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Greek hoplite))
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I think the work on the armor design is superb; although quite inaccurate regarding the Custodes' actual pattern, it is indeed am powerful reimagination halfway between a cataphract armor and a roman plate. Awesome work, the only thing missing in my opinion is some fitting background, but otherwise... perfect.
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Thanx :D
Well I promised Greyall with another collab, so if I got the time I shall color another one of his awesome drawings
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Moloc is a jackass, making him one of my favourite Astartes.

That being said this picture is beautiful and does a great job of portraying the rather ornate nature of Terminator Armour, I love the greek overtones though I never 100% got it from the Minotaurs. Nevertheless it fits Asterion perfectly, though my only complaint being that I would've personally rendered The Black Spear a little differently, mainly to incorperate the one-shot las-weapon built into it. Overall this is an incredible picture and one I would personally frame on my wall.

Specialty: Killing Space Marines. Moloc you glorious bastard...
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