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A Grey Knight

By saint-max
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well finally its done. i spent the past three days just coming back to it adding some final touches here and there.
so the main objective was to redraw the same scene with a different camera angle and to fit the drawing in a novel cover size.
i had some problems regarding the perspective, so i did a couple of tests before settling on this one. colors are a bit saturated :S but i think its just how my color palate is :P
and above all i enjoyed painting it :D

Hope you like it
c&c are more than welcome
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A gloryfull finale momments of a grey knight
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*at doom's gate plays
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Gorgeous art!
Here such I want to see the warriors of Slaanesh, beautiful, muscular and deadly. One of the best work I've seen.
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:') thanks a lot :D
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theres just something about the GK's head that doesnt seem right. too small?
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Hmmm, yeah. well this was in 2011 so expect to find a lot of mistakes. I will approach such painting totally differently now.
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awesome can u draw more grey knight
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:P maybe, one day
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cool looking forward to it thank again
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grey knight(must remain virgin!)
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This is magnificently done. Bravo.
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best depiction of the twisted savage beauty of Slaanesh creation I have ever seen.
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<3 really glad to read this. I will be doing more Slaanesh beauty in the future :D
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Just f*****g amazing!!!
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"And the Emperor rode forth with Death at his side and he has bolts with your names on it"
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\m/ cant agree more :D
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This is his training session.
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hahaha possible :P
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Worthy of 40k chaos book in full colour...probs won't get in because of the dynamic moving tits. i got not problem with it.

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They should have 18+ nudity and gore comic for Slaanesh ;)

Glad u like it :D
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