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I am probably going to continue my hiatus for a bit.

I am really enjoying working on some of my other hobbies- and while I'm still arting, its mostly stuff I'm keeping to myself for now.

I have definitely NOT lost interest in ponies and it's pretty much all I draw still- so expect more when I come back.

I just can't commit myself to anything new at the moment as I am overbooked as it is- so no requests/trades/commissions for now. Sorry. I really just want to focus on myself for a while. 

If I do post it's very unlikely I will be an active commenter, so please know I appreciate you and the feedback and love even if I don't reply!
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squidflakes's avatar
Its ok, you do you poonikins!
Saint-Juniper's avatar
Oh I will. I love doing myself. *creepy slow nod* 
squidflakes's avatar
Heh heh... alriiiiiiiiight