PAX:South, Dragon Age, and overwhelming nudity

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ok so no real nudity HERE, but I wanted to say that the burlesque festival was a huge success!
We sold out...we sold out warehouse live (900+ tickets!!) I am amazed

Then I went to Pax the next week. Got to go to all the bio-ware panels about one of my favorite
game franchises Dragon Age.

Then I got home and finally beat Inquisition, I got it for my birthday and being a completionist
couldn't finish it in time for Pax. But now, with DA:I over, I am all:


because of choices. Don't get me wrong- I love the sadness, I feed off that kind of story, but I 
will be busy crying in my pillow for a few months. 

Anyway, sorry it's not art- just wanted to say hi internet
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Also, I'm so proud that the Burlesque Fest was a success! You guys are such a riot, and your hard work is evident! My conscience has definitely felt lighter since being introduced to the whole burlesque scene. Keep on sparkling, Saint Juniper! Take it all off! 
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Wait, i dont understand.....whats wrong ? :(