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Velvet Sparkle and the Ghosts of Leaves

A commission for the ever talented and wonderfully patient :icontundara:
as ever a pleasure to draw for!

This is for his story in which Velvet Sparkle is a badass. (this pic falls under the Queen in stone storyline, so the name is just something I came up with for the pic)
Here is a link to Tundara's amazing work!:…

Also alt version where there are Diamond Dogs instead of the city in the cave thingy:
Velvet Sparkle and The Diamond Dog Arena by Saint-Juniper
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This was posted on my blog sharing your art;

"Have you or anyone else ever told Saint-Juniper that she should become a professional artist? Or, at the very least, try to get her stuff in a museum?" - Starlight Nova

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Oh my, your fans are as good at inflating my ego as you are! Please convey my gratitude at their amazingly nice compliment! Also, now I have read through some of the comments on your blogs....I seriously teared up at how nice some of the things people
say are- including you! I'm so grateful you've continued to ask me to participate in your Myth's journey so far, and it makes me happy to read your fan's comments on your work as well. This fandom has some amazing people, and you seem to have attracted some of the best to you through your story telling skills! 
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It's just a great fandom, all in all. I'm really glad you've given so much of your time and creative spark to helping me. Your artwork is amazing. 
This is really good work. I like the coat Velvet is wearing it clearly is suited for autumn.
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Thanks! I honestly really enjoy designing pony clothes >.>
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Welcome back, Saint-Juniper :3
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Wow, quite a jaw dropping drawing ^_^
And good to see you once more ^_^
unfortu steely I have little time now for stories! but could someone resume me in a few quick words the concept of the fiction ? :)
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Sure, feel free to note me and I will try and make sure and keep up with it. :)
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Great Scott! You only showed me the sketch this morning! *flails* Truly amazing and wonderful work, as always. Thank you.

Edit; Oh, should have mentioned, its for the on-going story 'Velvet Sparkle and the Queen in Stone'. No specific scene, just the general later chapters. Which I now see you linked to in the doobly-doo. ^^; 

Okay, to say some more now I'm not showing off the art to my family and friends. I was surprised by Gur Moloch, as it wasn't in the sketch. At first I thought it was supposed to be a camp or village of the halla. Took me far too long to notice the it was stalactites over the city, rather than mountains in white. ^^;; The detail in the wreath and skull around Velvet is great. That turned out far, far better than I expected. You out-did yourself there, as with the wolves in the upper-right. It perfectly hits the autumn/Halloween feel I wanted.

Perfect. It's just perfect. 

Again, thank you, Saint-Juniper.

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Hehe, I think I made you wait long enough- I'm not sure if I've mentioned before, but I tend to paint in a single sitting, thus why it takes me a bit of time to psych myself up for bigger pieces (5+hrs)!

I'm so happy you like it, and I know it doesn't scream Halloween, but I'm glad it has the spooky fall feel you were hoping for! I see what you are saying about the mountains/stalactites- and I think I may go in and highlight that better so it is more obvious. >.<

Also I hope you have a wonderful and happy Halloween! :D
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You do this in a single sitting? That's... amazing! And while it doesn't have a lot of the traditional Halloween things, like pumpkins and what-have-you, it does have that Autumn giving way to Winter aspect with more then enough spooky and creepiness. 

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween as well. :)
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Well I suppose I ate dinner at my desk...and got up to change the record (if I listen to my LPs I'm forced to walk around and stretch my legs at the end of each side)- so one sitting as in I did not do other stuff in between. I'm necrotic I guess...
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More than fair enough. It's still amazing and very impressive to me. I can barely write a thousand words in a go without getting distracted by something (typically a computer game. Doesn't help I 'try' to write and play at the same time due to a dual-monitor set-up). You're very gifted. 
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Oh man, you have no's like..right there -STEAM- just calling! This is why I choose one or the other. I have two screens but my computer laughs at the idea of me using both at once for anything other than decoration.

I'm impressed at 1k words a sitting! I have been challenged by some friends to take on NaNoWriMo with them, I tend to be a wordy kinda girl, but 50k in a month is going to be INSANE (I just put myself in my place by noticing the Queen in Stone is about 56k... *dies at thought of writing that much in a month!!*)
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To be fair, those 1k word sittings are becoming more and more uncommon. I tend to average about 300 now-a-days. ;_; And I've been writing Queen in Stone for a year or more now, so... ^^;
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Don't get down on yourself for slowing down when you need to. Forcing art makes the thing you should love a tiresome chore. People who care about your work will understand that it's at its best when you are!

I know I feel guilty about my breaks, or blocks, but I've tried to turn them into chances to "allow" myself to do other things in the meantime. It's great for clearing the fog. (Sorry if that was ranty, I just sense artist guilt in your words, and I'd hate for such a talented and kind person to put that burden on themselves! Carry on if I'm being over-mother-hen-ish!)
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This is really good. it's been indeed a while since I have seen something as good as this ^_^
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<3 thank you very much- it means a lot!
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I am glad it does ^_^
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