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Ask Death for Yourself

So this is what happens when I am commissioned to do something like some of my weirder pieces.
Then mix in listening to… on repeat... and you get a 
very strange being. 

for :icongeheeld:
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It's been 4 and some change years and this piece is still a constant source of inspiration. I remember the limited detail I gave you and to see what you grew from that is muse level inspirational. Hope you're doing well.
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holy crap this is cool, WHY DID I NEVER SEE THIS (probably because I've barely been checking my DA)
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haha, same DA is like a tumbleweed farm besides the commission here and there. Hope all is well for you~! :D
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I think you broke me. I keep trying to type a response to this and they just keep devolving to nonsensical onomatopoeias. Let me try again:
This is so not anywhere near what I was expecting IN MAYBE THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE.
I remember telling you some of my favorite things you've posted were your... "weirder pieces" but this is awesome!
The way you took the limited imagery and the short back story I provided and turned it into a symbolist's tome worth of information and implied depth is just... breathtaking. 
Thank you so much for this. ~<3
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I am so happy it turned out to your liking. It meant a lot to me that you had really taken the time to look through and enjoy some of my more obscure stuff- and
that you appreciated it so much! That's why I really wanted to do something awesome with the ideas you threw my way- especially since I've had the chance to
get to talk with you and get to know a bit more about your predilections. Plus its pretty rare that an artist gets commissioned to do "their own work" more or less.
It's the highest compliment! 
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It is actually really impressive ^_^
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