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Ladder Stitch Tutorial

By Saint-Angel
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Here's a little tutorial I whipped up to help others with the ladder (also known as hidden) stitch. It's used to close up and opening with out the seam showing. I don't claim to have invented this stitch, and I'm sure there are other tutorials out there, I just made this because some people have asked, and I don't mind helping! :)
Thanks for looking! I hope some of you find this useful! And please let me know if you have any questions.

Do not claim this tutorial as your own.
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Thank you! ^^

I've always wanted to tackle the formidable ladder stitch for a while...
Now I can try this out on some plush ornaments for Christmas!

MAbsolGirl's avatar
So that's how you do it! Thank you!
PandaJayProductions's avatar
Thank you, was a bit confused on this stitching but now I understand it!
Saint-Angel's avatar
I'm glad I could help!   :)
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On a heavy faux fur, should you use ladder stitch to hand sew the whole plush? Or will the sewing machine be able to handle it? 
Saint-Angel's avatar
I use my machine for all major sewing, including on faux fur.  I only handstich small details or to close up holes.
SapphireEire's avatar
Thank you. Truly helpful :D
Saint-Angel's avatar
You are very welcome!
Chamomileplushies's avatar
Thank you! this was very helpful :D
Saint-Angel's avatar
You are very welcome!
Cheshire-Cabbit's avatar
Thank you so much for this, I was always wondering how you hid the stitching when closing, this was a great help <3
Saint-Angel's avatar
You are welcome. I'm glad it was helpful!
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I just tried this on my first plush and I'm astonished at how well it worked. It actually worked better and looked nicer than the whip stitch I used on the rest of the plush. So why can't we just use this stitch to sew the entire thing right side-out (assuming you do it all by hand, like I did, which will never, ever happen again)?
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You can do it that way, but why in the world would you want to handsew an entire plushie? LOL! :D

I use this all around my donuts when I make those.
Liung-Arkeanda's avatar
xD Thus the "my first plush" and the "which will never, ever happen again". Thankfully it was just a little one, a whale that fits in the palm of my hand. Well, we learn from our mistakes and I certainly learned from this one. God, it took me like 4 hours for a teensy little thing. Pretty sure with a machine I'd have been done in under 30 minutes! (And I wouldn't have to research everything to death because I actually do know my way around a sewing machine)
M-Lee08's avatar
Are you doing same side than across? I have in trying to figure out this stitch for a while.
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this tutorial was really helpful ^^ I actually understand it now X'''D

thanks for posting this ^^
Saint-Angel's avatar
You are very welcome, glad I could help. :)
Xemantha's avatar
Finally I know this magic! Thanks :D
Saint-Angel's avatar
You are welcome! :)
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Thank you so much for this! Tutorials like this make doing research easy. ^^

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