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Current Residence: Toronto
Favourite genre of music: whatever I like
Operating System: Windows XP when it's not crashing
MP3 player of choice: Quintessential Player
Wallpaper of choice: Acheron
Personal Quote: Even Rocky had a montage!

Favourite Movies
The Fly (1986)
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David Usher, Hot Hot Heat, Doves, Sam Roberts
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Robert Jordan, Robert J. Sawyer, Ovid
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feh again
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Photoshop 7 and my mouse
Other Interests
mythology, ancient history, literature

Broken computer

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I recently formatted my computer because it was breaking down, and it still is *sigh*  I would've thrown in an edit or two, but I'm not reinstalling Photoshop until I know it's going to work for more than a day without crapping out. Anyways... I did work on Ilium some more, for what I have so far.  It's been a while, I forgot Maya's name ^^;
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New blanks

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Current Music... Soldier Girl by The Polyphonic Spree Currently Working On... RP post Yes, new colouring book blanks.  Please credit me if you use them. Serenity and Endymion Super Sailorjupiter Sailorpluto Sailormercury
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Currently Listening too...  If You Could Read My Mind by Gordon Lightfoot I've been really busy lately and haven't had energy to really do anything that involves Photoshop.  School's started again and I've got actual hours at work now.  Don't expect edits to come churning out soon ^^; I have been on a drawing kick lately, probably because I'm keeping my sketchbook on top of my subwoofer.  I just need a scanner that works...  Hello Kinko's! Tablet's a no go until November at least.  Can't afford it until then, school books come first.  I can't afford to quit Wendy's either.  Durn it.  
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:love: i love your gallery, it has so many wonderful sailor scouts, traditional and new, even different generations. I understand that they are based on characters for others and your own, but that is simply awesome. I like them all a lot :wow:
Like your gallery and nice name :)
I wanted to let you know that the site that melashaan mentioned is still posting your art. The two I recognized were Sailor Gemini and Sailor Sagittarius from SMMT.

Here is the link: [link]
Hi. I don't know if you're aware of this, but there's a girl who has a site of "found" fan senshi. Two of the linked edits look like SMMT spin-off edits you did. They're on this page:
there's no credits for anyone's creations, and those who have found stuff on there have discovered that the site owner responsible has been direct linking their work. The only problem is that there seems to be no way to contact her. Just thought I'd let you know in case she might be siphoning off your bandwidth as well, in case you want to change picture names or something similar.
Hey there! Just popped by to say your gallery is cool :)
Leroy casually watched this monstrous act and walked straight on. he would not help his dear friend vampire. Never interfere with a hick and his prey. It’s in the golden book of rules, also known as Kinky Kentucky’s annual release of Ms. Farm Tickler. He was sure the vampire would understand, (fraught screaming and banjos heard from the distance, followed by thumping and more guffawing).
He transcended these obstacles, now it was time to head for the Prime Ministers current home, known other than the Crimson Complex, protected by a bald hobbling fat guy with so much testosterone that pubic hair grew on his short stubby fingers. The fat guy spent most of his days at the complex devouring large buckets of his chicken while jerking off to acclaimed celebrities like Jabba the Hutt and Fidel Castro. He never needed lubricant either; he had buckets of chicken. Accompanied with various other pork, turkey, and chicken byproducts he made his true bride, and oh my, he was like a piston in a streamliner engine room with his lovely beef.
Each scrap of chicken put to its maximum usage. Not once, not ever did the fat guy ever leave his chicken “unboned,” lest he look for live meat, fresh meat, possibly women? No. The ladies never turned their faces towards this bleeding example of nobility. Oh well, his crudely fried chicken still loved him (though they would have squawked for their lives have they been alive during his lascivious dealings). Fortunately, for Leroy the fat guy kicked the bucket, the chicken bucket of course! The fat guy choked on his last “bone” during an action-packed episode of Animal Planet.
LOL !!! My story is about Quintessence too, and I am much inspired by Naoko Takeuchi too !!! That's funny !!!!