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During the last years i restarted doing music; i finally found a worthy heir of my Amiga Protracker - milkytracker - and did focus on the Amiga retrogames and indie games community.

Games which I provided music for:

= Amiga =
Tanks Furry
Bridge Strike
Lumberjack Reloaded
Blocky Skies
Crazy Priest
Of Fire and Swords

= Game Boy =
Lumberjack Reloaded

= Indie =
Amiga Racer (three songs)
Despot Dungeons

you can hear my songs in my Vimeo Channel, in my youtube channel and get some soon on Bandcamp!

Bandcamp -
Vimeo -
Youtube -…
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Wow, more than one year that I did not do anything in this profile!

Today I did come to life!

And in the meanthime things changed a lot: i changed my workplace last october,i have been able to do some more music and pity that lately I left behind my drawing skills: too busy at job and my wife asking for a full coverage 24/7... guess it is easier to have an hobby when you are not married...

i also put up my blog, for now the most interesting stuff is in italian language but just today I started an english version so I hope to translate the most important content soon.

my old blogs:
scarabocchibinari.ilcannocchia… [italian]
binarydoodles.ilcannocchiale.i… [english]

My videos and music on Vimeo:…

My mod files on Amiga Music Preservation:…

Hope you enjoy all my stuff:)

See you soon, hopefully in less than one year:)
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