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I have had these files on my computer for documentation (even though screenshots can be forged, I still feel the need to keep these screenshots as proof because my comments are contestantly being misquoted, hidden, or removed)

I am posting this because I am sound in my choices and how I carry myself and believe that if I were to receive death threats again from this user It will need to be well documented.

A youtube user claimed to be my scratch account (-SkyStar-) and used the channel name SkyStarArtist. They have changed the name of the channel since than, but if you search the old name it still appears as the first result. 
SkystarArtist by SaiMistu

The user claimed to be myself from a different website (Scratch) and after asking them to remove my videos and stop claiming my identity this conversation ensued on their youtube discussion page, the youtuber has changed their name and channel names several times but as you can see from my replies to the chain it says "+skystaratrist" because they were still trying to claim to be -SkyStar- which is my account on Scratch. During that time the user changed their username from "SkyStarArtist" to "Venolious-Robota".

SkystarArtistDisscussionPage1 by SaiMistu SkystarArtistDisscussionPage2 by SaiMistu SkystarArtistDisscussionPage3 by SaiMistu

After removing my art/animations from their youtube channel the user went on their scratch account (KittyMitty6868) and posted a project where they killed my fursona, Skyfeather. and threatened to kill me, it was removed by the admins almost immediately (although not reported by myself), so I have no proof of that, but here is a screenshot of Kittymitty6868 admitting to the death threat by saying that he/she tried to apologize for it, after being banned by the admins for about a month.

Kittymitty6868 than began using Deviantart under the username @Venolious-Robota, before changing it to @/Veenos-Fly-Trap then later Ghostly-Gizmo. They advertised that @Venolious-Robota was their DeviantArt account on their Scratch profile.

On DA, this user has also had several conversations with me, going out of their way to buy me premiums or asking how to line animations, favoriting my work or claiming I stole their work, which tends to lead to arguments in which they start out saying they "love" and "admire" me, and would "take a bullet for me" and end with he/she saying they "hate" me. Than they block me for a month before deciding to unblock me, it has been a consistent cycle for about a year now. (roughly 2014-2015) 
(No proof of most of these conversations, they have been hidden on currently Ghostly-Gizmo's profile and gallery/favorites folders.)

This user has made several accounts to try and become friends with me, they claim, or to be unnoticed when they watch me on deviantart. Almost all the accounts were deactivated when I asked/questioned if they were Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo/@venolious-robota, i will detail each one sepperately with proof

Veenos-Fly-Trap-Deelo-Love by SaiMistu Veenos-Fly-Trap-Deelo-Love2 by SaiMistu Veenos-Fly-Trap-Deelo-Love3 by SaiMistu
Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo/@venolious-robota privately noted me about this user before I had any public affiliation with the account. I had found the account Deelo-love by accident and noted them privately if they were the Ghostly-Gizmo account. I believe right after asking this the account deactivated.

Veenos-Fly-Trap-No-Show-For-The-Pyro by SaiMistu
By the time I had gone back to get proof of this account it had already been deactivated. The only reminants of this account I could find after the deactivation was a message I sent to another user privately who had also been harassed by Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo/@venolious-robota and the alt account No-Show-For-The-Pyro

Veenos-Fly-Trap-Rocky-Hobbes by SaiMistu Veenos-Fly-Trap-Rocky-Hobbes2 by SaiMistu

@Venolious-Robota/Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo claimed to have sold one their characters to the account Rocky-Hobbes before deactivating (one of many times) but this was fradulent because @venolious-robota/Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo had created the Rocky-Hobbes account and sold the character to themselves. This is one of the few accounts I have solid proof for being an alt account because the Rocky-Hobbes account was posting art before @venolious-robota/Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo was on their tumblr blog (venolious-robta/ghostly-gizmo), therefore they are mostly likely the same person. The second screenshot is time stamped. The tumblr post by @venolious-robota/Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo was posted several weeks after it was uploaded to the Rocky-Hobbes account
SkyStarArtist-Rocky-Hobbes by SaiMistu
Rocky-Hobbes also claims to be a youtube channel with a seperate user from SkyStarArtist/Ghostly-Gizmo

I have never been interacted with through this account but i know it exists

Alkifoot-altaccount by SaiMistu
This is another alternate account by @venolious-robota/Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo, and I came across it when the account started to favorite some of my uploads. When I asked if the account was @venolious-robota/Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo they claimed I was harassing them and posted this journal as their only defense
Screenshot 2015-08-16-00-12-09 by SaiMistu
@venolious-robota/Ghostly-Gizmo/Ghostly-Gizmo claims to have sold more characters to this user, and I believe this to fradulent again becuase they have sold items to themselves before, and because they are unable to back it up with any proof or become hostile if questioned. 
Ghostly Gizmo-alt account by SaiMistu Ghostly-Gizmo-altaccount2 by SaiMistu Ghostly-Gizmo-altaccount3 by SaiMistu Ghostly-Gizmo-altaccount4 by SaiMistu
Ghostly-Gizmo-Altaccount5 by SaiMistu  Ghostly-Gizmo-altaccount6 by SaiMistu

These are the only other accounts from this user I have encountered. 

The rest of these screenshots are from conversations that I was able to screenshot before being hidden or deleted

Screenshot 2015-08-15-16-42-50 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-17-51-28 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-17-51-32 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-17-55-45 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-17-55-50 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-18-05-33 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-18-29-01 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-18-29-15 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-10-33 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-10-38 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-10-43 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-42-31 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-42-43 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-43-05 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-44-46 by SaiMistu
 Ghostly-Gizmo commenting on my profile about allegedly stalking him/her.

Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-45-06 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-45-20 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-45-23 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-48-07 by SaiMistu
Ghostly-Gizmo's profile layout and recent uploads before deactivating the account (currently 8/16/15). Comments on the projects and the profile said he/she was suicidal and cutting because of me. I will not be blamed for a suicide or attempted suicide in which I am not any justifiable cause.

The Lil-Rogue account is uploading journals about Ghostly-Gizmo committing suicide/deacticating for attention

Screenshot 2015-08-15-23-21-14 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2015-08-16-00-17-27 by SaiMistu

I will not accept an apology from a user who continues to lie to me, try to go under my radar and be deceitful, or doesn't believe they are truly at fault. The first screenshot shows that Ghostly-Gizmo believes it was my fault that they stole my identity on youtube as SkyStarArtist and that they are the victim. The second screenshot is me explaining once again I am not willing to forgive in a reasonable way. 

UPDATE (2016):Later on Instagram under the username Ghostly-Gizmo, I was tagged in 9+ irrelevant images and sent spam, before trying to guilt trip me by saying grudges are for children and that telling me to kill myself again is not a big deal.

GhostlyGizmoHarassment3 by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment7 by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment10 by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment2 by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment4 by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment5 by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment11 by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment8 by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoHarassment9 by SaiMistu

Later all of these posts on the Ghostly-Gizmo Instagram account were deleted and now claim to be a different entirely. 

Recently the Lil-Rogue DA account posted a journal publicly accusing me of stalking by following users who also happened to follow the Lil-Rogue account. 
AlkifeatherJournalDAStalking by SaiMistu
The post received a lot of comments (more than listed in the current screenshot, i think about 70 total?) And in one of the threads Lil-Rogue admits to being the same person as kittymitty6868 from Scratch, and previously Ghostly-Gizmo on DA by saying the problem has persisted for longer than his/her account Lil-Rogue has existed.
AlkifeatherAdmitsGhostlyGizmo by SaiMistu

Soon after the journal received so much backlash, the Lil-Rogue posted a follow up journal saying he/she was sorry and will unblock me. 

The user now uses the Instagram account Alkifeather and Alkipunch, where they periodically post "anonymous" complaints about me and call me profatic names while promptings other users to harass me on other websites like YouTube. (UPDATE: Also doing the same things on Twitter, using two different accounts Lil-Rogue and Ghostly-Gizmo to post "anonymous" gripes about me and prompt other users to harass me on other websites)

AlkifeatherIGCallOut by SaiMistu Untitiled2 by SaiMistu Untitiled1 by SaiMistu AlkifeatherIGcallout5 by SaiMistu AlkifeatherIGCallout6 by SaiMistu AlkifeatherTwitterCallout1 by SaiMistu
Untitled by SaiMistu

More proof that Lil-Rogue is the same user as Ghostly-Gizmo on Twitter/Instagram and presumably DeviantArt: 
The "Ghostly-Gizmo" Twitter posted tweets about comments they had received, and the Lil-Rogue Instagram account posted screenshots of these same comments, claiming they happened on an old DeviantArt account. ((Also hypocritically calling out squizxy for spam when the Ghostly-Gizmo account on Instagram used 9+ images of Donald Trump to tag me in as spam and claim I was stalking the account, links to those screenshots already linked above))
GhostlyGizmoTwitterCallouts2 by SaiMistu AlkifeatherIGCallouts1 by SaiMistu AlkifeatherIGCallouts2 by SaiMistu

But still denies being the same user with no proof.
GhostlyGizmoTwitterCallout1 by SaiMistu

Recently changed username on Youtube and Twitter to Taiyaki pon pokori, and posts as GasterBlasterSans on Instagram (but publicly admits to using these new handles/accounts)

UPDATE (9/17/2016): On the Twitter ghostly_Gizmo account, the user was arguing with several others about being severely traumatized on DeviantArt by "Yclan" where in some users spammed their page with the comment "y". I asked the user how they justified spamming me the same way on Instagram, and if I should be traumatized? and I was answered with shits posts and the blocked. 
Untitled1 by SaiMistu Untitled2 by SaiMistu Untitled3 by SaiMistu Untitled4 by SaiMistu

UPDATE (9/21/2016): I was unblocked immediately as the Ghostly-Gizmo Twitter account started posting "vague" "anonymous" complaints about me again, saying I had called them a "Fat ass" and told them to "fuck off" when they tried apologizing to me. 
TwitterGhostlyGizmoFatAss by SaiMistu Untitled3 by SaiMistu
This user has tried to apologize multiple times to me across multiple accounts and websites, and have explained multiple times why I do not feel okay giving them my forgiveness (in a polite way) and then they get frustrated and do something extreme. I believe this conversation on Instagram is what they were referring to, and you can see I never called them any names or used any profanatic language. They consistently use irrelevant information to try and gain sympathy.
Screenshort2016 by SaiMistu Screenshot 2016-07-01-11-48-20 by SaiMistu

I asked on Twitter if I could see the proof they said they had on me telling them to "fuck off", because I would apologize if I said something out of place and the following conversation ensued with the Ghostly-Gizmo twitter saying I didnt actually say that, it's just how I made them feel, and that I am some how responsible for how he/she feels.
Untitled6 by SaiMistu Untitled7 by SaiMistu
Untitled8 by SaiMistu
UPDATE (9/23/16): The Ghostly-Gizmo Twitter account said one last thing about me not deserving forgiveness (I think that's what they were saying?) and going to hell because of my character before blocking my twitter account. 

 There were a couple times where he/she said "i look/looked up to you" and that's flattering and all until he/she impersonated me on youtube. I'm honestly not sure why there's reason to continue posting about it? They keep telling me "grudges are unhealthy and i cant let it go" but it seriously doesn't bother me because grudges that keep you safe are warranted if someone hits you, you don't forgive them and let them keep hitting you, well that's my take anyway, but my "grudge" isn't like malicious? I'm not going out of my way to do or say anything to the user. It's just a mental note to myself that I shouldn't interact or have an intimate friendship with this person because i disagree with how they have treated me in the past. I don't shut down when i talk about any of it either, i'm not sarcastic, i'm not angry, i'm just like "this is what i feel"and I'm all about open dialogue (because of the debater in me hahaa) but each chance we talk it quickly devolves into them just calling me names again and getting really snarky, even when they say they just want to apologize, which isn't helpful, so I offer to talk if they want to talk, but i remove myself if there's no meaningful exchange. The hissy fits when I say i will not give my forgiveness come across as very shallow to me (and are just proof in my mind that i should not forgive him/her.) like
  "i am sorry, can you forgive me"
  "I acknowledge your apology, but I am not willing to forgive you"
  "I didn't get what I want, so I'm going to complain about it, or try to take it"
seems to be how all this goes down (a couple years after they started advocating they wanted to apologize anyway) And it's not okay to try and take something from someone when it's not yours and they do not want to share it with you.

UPDATE (10/13/2016): The Lil-Rogue twitter account continues to post about me "anonymously" in attempts to get people rallying around it. This time specifically claiming I am following their instagram account.

which is impossible because they have already blocked me from it anyway?
AlkifeatherIGBlocked by SaiMistu

But to disagree with the point i that I posted this blacklist without mentioning that this user has tried several times to apologize, you can reread this and see I have clearly mentioned apologies multiple times. I wasnt trying to cover up the apologies, and I actually articulate that I acknowledge the apologies, but I dont feel my forgiveness is warranted when this user turns around within 5 mins of apologizing telling me something toxic again. That's not a sincere apology in my mind, and so I grant it to no weight. This is a screenshot of this post that mentions all the iterations where I extrapolated on this user apologizing to me. It is a lie to say I do not publicly acknowledge that.
ApologyProof by SaiMistu
Just incase I did graze over talking about any apologies, here is the drawing he/she drew for me (claiming then to be Ghostly-Gizmo, and using Ghostly-Gizmo's character) 
1 by SaiMistu
It is my personal opinion that just because someone draws you something, you do not owe them any emotional payment back, especially if that implied payment makes you uncomfortable or compromises you in any way. 

UPDATE (10/18/2016): The Ghostly-Gizmo DA account just sent me a private note complaining about all the people I sent to attack their profile with comments. Ghostly-Gizmo responds to these comments by saying he/she is still the victim and has tried apologizing, but that I still don't tell anyone about the apologies.
GhostlyGizmoDANote by SaiMistu
GhostlyGizmoDAApologize1 by SaiMistu
I have never asked, advocated, promoted, or prompted any action towards this user or their multiple accounts on any site, and any thing done is beyond me relm of control. People leaving comments are doing so because of their own free will.
Secondly, this users complains specifically here how I will not forgive them again, but literally a couple days ago they were still calling me names like "asshole" on twitter. And my last conversation with them on that twitter account, they told me to die and go to hell (screen shot of that linked above)
GhostlyGizmoTwitterAsshole by SaiMistu
This user apparently only acts politely when they think it will get them something like sympathy while talking to people who may not know the full story, implying that they aren't actually sorry. This is another reason not to accept their attempts at apologizing. 

AlkifeatherTwitterThankyou by SaiMistu
Last time we conversed privately (on twitter) they ended the conversation by saying "thank you" for posting this blacklisting, but all of the sudden again:
AlkifeatherDAHiatus by SaiMistuAlkifeatherIGcallout8 by SaiMistuAlkifeatherTwitterDie by SaiMistuGhostlyGizmoDAJournal1 by SaiMistu
They are posting things on multiple accounts that say I harass them and that I make them want to die. I have said it multiple times in this post, and I will say it again, I am not responsible for anyone attempt at suicide when I am no justifiable cause. 

Update 10/19/2016: In a comment thread on one of the DA journals just recently posted, this conversation ensued
AlkifeatherDAFollowerAttacked1 by SaiMistu
In which the user (who bounces between the Lil-Rogue and Ghostly-Gizmo accounts)fails to answer relevent points and continues with the same circular logic I have already previously answered.

To iterate again, this user, in a private message on twitter, under the username Lil-Rogue, told me they were thankful I posted the blacklist and how I handled myself. This was roughly a week or two prior to all of the sudden posting all the DA journals about me harassing the user. 
AlkifeatherTwitterThankyou by SaiMistu

Also hypocritically, on one of the journals recently posted about me, they agree with another user that using death threats against people online is wrong
GhostlyGizmoDAJournal2DeathThreats by SaiMistu

I told the user multiple times that if they continued to lie about what happened and be deceitful towards me, I would post a blacklist. It was never intended to be "sneaky" or to gain support. The purpose of this is to preserve what the interactions actually look like because this user has made a point of misquoting, hiding comments, exaggerating, and lying to skew the story. I gave them many options to stop before posting this.
Screenshot 2015-08-15-16-42-50 by SaiMistu
I am more than happy to talk about what has happened/is happening and have made that clear (despite Lil-Rogue/Ghostly-Gizmo telling people I will not talk to them and go behind their back) but this user refuses to have mutual dialouge, ignores anything I bring up and continues to say the same things over and over.

AlkifeatherisGhostlyGizmoAdmit by SaiMistu
Ghostly-Gizmo finally admits to being the Lil-Rogue account as well.

Conversations that followed all the journal uploads:
AlkiGhostlyConverse1 by SaiMistu
AlkiGhostlyConverse2 by SaiMistu

(note these conversations happened simultaneously on different threads and not chronologically)
10/19/2016: The Ghostly-Gizmo accounted deactivated and the Lil-Rogue account posted another journal saying they would be making a new account

Update 11.2.2016: The Lil-Rogue accounts are all still active despite saying they are on "hiatus" and will be switching accounts. I know of all the new accounts this user is now using to "start over" but do not intend to publicly share those user names unless they continue the history of behavior where they lie, exaggerate, or misquote me. 

UPDATE 11/19/2016: Despite the Lil-Rogue accounts across platforms saying they will be inactive and move to new accounts, they continue to post slander about me "anonymously" on twitter and DA.

So I am no longer obligated to hold back the information about their new accounts. Ghostly-Gizmo/Lil-Rogue is also using the accounts known as
SilkyFeline-Snack on DA
mechasnackz on Twitter (previously wee_webber)
mechasnackz on Instagram (previously silkyfeline.snackz)
SilkyFelineSnack on Youtube on tumblr


Lil-Rogue noted me privately with several complaints that I will not leave them alone, but I have told them publically, and privately several times I will not update the blacklist (or release their new account names) if they stop spreading slander about me, if they have proof for the stalking allegations, than by all means call me out, but these claims are warrant less and therefore slander.
AlkifeatherTwitterDie2 by SaiMistu
On the Lil-Rogue twitter account, the user is suicide/sympathy baiting once again and I will say once more I will not be responsible for any act of self harm or mutilation for which i am no justifiable cause.

On a side note I decided to look up some definitions of stalking to make sure I wasnt overstepping any boundaries myself.
Google defines stalking as: "
pursue or approach stealthily."a cat stalking a bird""
  To which I am not stalking on the grounds that I am not attempting to be stealthy, I have pointed our earlier it was never my intention to go under the radar with this post or any other. I told the user I would post this is the continued, told them I posted it, and tagged them in it. None of the information I have included here is private. All of the information was either sent to me via a direct messaging system by the user, to which I am allowed to share because it involves direct conversation with me, or it was posted to a public website or message forum.
In a legal sense, stalking is described as: "
Criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person.Stalking is a distinctive form of criminal activity composed of a series of actions that taken individually might constitute legal behavior. For example,sending flowers, writing love notes, and waiting for someone outside her place of work are actions that, on their own, are notcriminal. When these actions are coupled with an intent to instill fear or injury, however, they may constitute a pattern ofbehavior that is illegal. Though anti-stalking laws are gender neutral, most stalkers are men and most victims are women." 
  To which I am also not stalking on the grounds that I am not posting this blacklist to instill fear or injury. From the beginning this post has been, and continues to be about accurate representation of interactions between me and this user, and about accountability on the toxic behavior of this user. 

If this user believes I am truly stalking them, nothing stops them from blocking me on any website, or even following through on some sort of legal parameter if they believe it is warranted. 

UPDATE 11/21/2016:

The Lil-Rogue DA account continues to post "anonymous" gripes about me with accusations of stalking. They claim they ask me politely but in the note they sent me yesterday, they were swearing every other word (screenshot of that linked above).

And yes, I would consider you a "bad" person in my life when you impersonate me, threaten to kill me, tell me to kill myself and or die, constantly spam me, tell others to act me on unwarranted accusations, and suicide bait me. These are all toxic behaviors and I believe most reasonable people would also consider people who do this, and continue to do these things are "bad' people. (although bad is totally a relative term and I am not going to get into ontology or epistemology at the moment)

Lil-Rogue says that me showing up on their visitors tab is proof of stalking, but I would argue that it is a public webpage on a public website and I am using it appropriately? And that I only check the users profile everyone and a while because they have consistently proved over the last 2 years that despite any apology, or threats they give me, they will continue to post slander about me across all social media and accounts, and so I just look for anything involving me so that I can record it for this journal. If the user was no longer posting anything about me, I'd have no further gripes. 

And this user, if they truely believe that they are being stalked by me, can block me. I think that because they either refuse to block me, or block me for a week then unblock me, they just want to see my reaction to whatever slanderous thing they post to get me ruffled and they can play victim. 

UPDATE 11/22/2016: 
AlkifeatherDASuicideBaitingDeny by SaiMistu
The Lil-Rogue account uploaded a journal as a response to my last update saying that they aren't threatening/guilt tripping me with self harm, but they most certainly have done so in the past (detailed above in the Ghostly-Gizmo account) and also trying to popularize it by posting journals as a different user claiming the Ghostly-Gizmo account committed suicide because of me.
AlkifeatherDASuicidebaiting by SaiMistu
Suicide/self mutilation threats are not somthing I take lightly, but also not something I will be guilted in by. Making claims like these for attention is incredibly self centered and manipulative. It is quite reasonable that when this user is claiming they want to die on Twitter because of me (links to those screenshots above) that I would assume they are claiming self-harm/suicide, because they have done so in the past. 

The post also claimed that because they were angry they posted lies about my stalking them, as if that is some kind of excuse. If by that logic, than no one should be held accountable for anything, which is ridiculous. Even if you are mad/sad/upset/angry/anything else you are still liable for anything you say or do, as is every other human in existence.

The new jounral post by Lil-Rogue also claims that it will only post "positivity" from now on. If that is true, I should have no more need to update this blacklist. 

Here is a link to my stash with all of these images if anyone would like to see them in one place, although some are not properly labeled/sorted. They are all sorted properly in dropbox (although Im not entirely sure how able i am to share links to that folder)

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jennifervasquez Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I'm am still truly sorry that this is still happening to you guys. I wish there was something I could do.
SaiMistu Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Student Filmographer
hey no worries (:> i appreciate the sentiment though <3
cuitu Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016
jfc. this must be so tiring for you.

that, and doesn't this other person have better things to do? u gh
zSkullOwlArt Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Gee it's still going? how long was it, like 2-3 years?
SaiMistu Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Student Filmographer
I think it's edging on 5 or 6 lol
zSkullOwlArt Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
They blocked me, WELL THEN.
honestly i don't pick sides i just want this to stop
SaiMistu Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Student Filmographer
Aw im sorry I didnt mean to make you or anyone else a victim in this either
zSkullOwlArt Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
no, it's fine it's fine, i just want to tell you i got blocked but i don't know how lol
SaiMistu Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Student Filmographer
lol well i appreciate the information (:
I feel like this user is probably going to end up burning alot of bridges if they keep going like this
zSkullOwlArt Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yeah, it's just keep repeating over and over again.
ASTRAL-KITSUNE Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

Sometimes people won't quit until they get what they want? That person must be like a tick that won't quit. I hope things get better, Ken.
Don't fall for that bastard's shit; I bet they're just an attention whore.
SaiMistu Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Student Filmographer
thanks for taking the time to comment grace, and hah dont worry, ive talked to this person more than enough to realize it probably is attention whoring.
I mean, what kind of sick person suicide/selfharm baits when ever they disagree with someone? its totally nnot okay!
ASTRAL-KITSUNE Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Geez, they should just grow up and quit. This is obviously not healthy at all.
Imagination-Soars Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How did/do you find out about their new account?
SaiMistu Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Student Filmographer
I had a mutual follow (who would prefer to remain nameless) message me and tell me about the new DA account, and I just searched up "SilkyFeline" on other social media this user has previously used. I believe it was good information as well because the friends on both accounts overlap a considerable amount, the art style is the same, and SilkyFeline-Snack was created immediately after the Alkifeather account said it would go on hiatus with a new account. 

They originally said they wanted these new accounts to "start over" but they are still going out of their way to post accusations about me to stir the pot to which i find no sincerity in, so I disclosed the new accounts so that people are aware that user might interact with them under a different name, and so that they can not continue to post untrue things on one account and than turn around with a blank slate under a new name, i believe they should be held accountable.
silk-fur Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so fucking ridiculous, that you have to keep record of all this bullshit that could of ended LOONG ago.
I'm sorry, although trying to stay a nuetral party, I take your side completely in this, I mean it's absolutely fucking ridiculous.
I don't understand people like this, this may be a reason I will never be a psychologist haha, no, this is just fucked up in the head. And that's all I have to say about that, because this leaves me pretty much speechless.
xXScrumpyXx Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
i think we need to drill a hole in that nuts head, a big hole 
silk-fur Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe hold off on that.
xXScrumpyXx Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
and just like stuff some science books in their or somethin 
silk-fur Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Let's just leave that in our back pocket my friend. *pat pat*
xXScrumpyXx Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
okie :P 
SaiMistu Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016  Student Filmographer
I'd rather have actual records of what each of us said, than have all my messages deleted and then misquoted :,D which is the only reason I feel need to post these (and so other users who choose to interact with this user know what theyre dealing with)

but thank you in validating my feelings (: It's nice to know im not just creating a mental loop for myself and stringing things along!
silk-fur Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I know what you are saying, I understand this. It's just crazy that you 'need too' because the situation is still ongoing.

Ah you are welcome. I know I wold not be happy if this stuff happened to me. 
Imagination-Soars Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think they're having conflicting emotions, themself. At least to explain the Hiatus journal.
SaiMistu Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016  Student Filmographer
I can definetly see that, and everyone is entitled to their feelings fo sho, but i just do not appreciate lies being spread about me (: 
unsurprisingly Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, the situation is mostly resolved?
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