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If you love the old school SNES RPG's/Adventures, check out this group! :heart:

:iconsnes-rpgs: :iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs::iconsnes-rpgs:
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Just got this game a few days ago and.


so much fun.

I love it.

How could I ever miss out on the existence of Keiji. He's basically just MADE for me.

Any other fans around here? I need someone to talk to about this game, preferrably people who know and like it as well so I don't annoy them. xD
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Oh deviantArt, aren't you fun.

"Wow look at those people who do Support-Art for Japan! Stupid Attention Whores fishing for +favs!
Let's make a picture/stamp/whatelse about how stupid and unhelpful they are!"

Suddenly, it's raining +favs.



Seriously, let people express their concern and sympathy, even if there might be attention whores among them.

Stay strong Japan.
Ignore the douchebags.
I hope things will get better for you soon.

this is one of the only times where I'm grateful there's no +fav option on journals.
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I might not be very active but I'm feeling fine!

I hope everything's alright with you guys too. :)
Well, not a big one.

Don't expect much activity from me. I'm going through rough times lately and thus need some freedom to get myself in order.
I don't think you'll notice though. I'll just lurk even more - or less, that is. I'll probably miss a whole lot of deviations and journals.

I'm always reading comments though, and this might prove a welcome diversion:

I'm totally jumping the boat GunnerRomantic started:

Show me the piece of YOUR gallery you like the most!

No matter the type, genre, content, whatever it is - show it to me and tell me why it's your favorite, the story that goes along with it - anything you want to mention related to that piece.
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Riding a hot air balloon is EPIC STUFF.

I want to do it again.
After looking at them all, I deleted every deviation I had in my message center inbox.

I'll wait till tomorrow and see how many deviations there'll be and probably faint. xD

(If you feel ignored by my deleting pictures without giving any feedback: I am sorry.
As you can probably guess from this experiment, I hardly have the time to actively deal with even half of the pictures I get in my watch. I didn't delete those deviations for any other reason than me thinking I wouldn't be able to say more about them than "oh I like that" because really, that's why I watch you folks in the first place anyways. :)

If feedback is really important to you on certain pieces, link the piece in question to me and I'll try to find the time to look at it more closely and leave feedback)
Just for my own future reference.


:iconkakaokarten: :iconwatercolorists:




:iconaphetalia-club: :iconhetalia: :iconhetalia-artists:
So I finally grasped the concept of groups (or rather, started to check it out all) and joined a few.
Are you member of any dA groups? Are there any you'd recommend?



(membership still pending - and KelliRoos how did I miss you founding a group? My attention span and/or memory seem to fail me.)



:iconaphetalia-club: :iconhetalia: :iconhetalia-artists:

...yeah, obviously I couldn't decide on just one APH group but really, why are there so many big ones, ack.

Gonna look for some more groups to join now.
Edit: WHAT, NO Xenogears group? D,:
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Ah, well - people did this thingie and I thought it was interesting, even if some of the questions seem redundant/double.

Go for it!

1) I like when you draw _______________________.
2) I wish you drew more _______________________.
3) I wish you drew more fanart of these series/characters:
4) I wish you did more original art of these characters:
5) I love how you draw ________________________.
6) If you were to do a comic of/about I would be soooo happy!:
7) If I could get you to draw anything I'd get you to draw ___________________.
8) My favorite part of your work is __________________________.

9) I hate when you draw _________________.
10) I wish you drew less ___________________.
11) Stop drawing ________________!

13) When I think of your art I think ______________________.
14) If I had to describe your work I'd say
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I hope you don't mind me flooding your inboxes with my ACEO-backlog, especially if you know all of these pictures already. They're from... 2008 and 2009, oh dear!

Bear with me, it will only take a week or so of 5-10 piece-batches to upload my old ACEO's.

And after that I'll upload my Hetalia-Set, huzzah!

Thank you for your patience and support, if you're even still reading this. :heart:
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Hi there!

I'm a little late to tell you this and most people I know already seem to have enough of 2010 already, but here we go: Happy New Year!
May you have the strength to do your best to achieve the things you wish for! :love:

So, what else. I've been playing Suikoden Tierkreis and am pretty addicted, too. :D
This is my first Suikoden Game so I don't know exactly HOW it differs from the other installments, but so far I like it. Gameplay-wise, it's lacking a bit but it's aesthetically pleasing :lol: meaning I love the designs, the music - oh, and the story as well. I don't really get all of it (which might be due to me playing it before I go to sleep most of the time), but it has some nice ideas with those parallel worlds fusing. Also, the characters. I love the diversity of peoples in the game, and how MANY characters there are to find and recruit. Sure, with 108 people in your company, not every one of them can be really deep, but I think they've done a nice job to make the characters likable and diverse.

I just hate those grayridge / Fort Arc people. Oh dear. I like Anya since she's funny, Erin for her usefulness and Logan... well, I don't mind him.

The rest gets on my nerves though. I ignore Savina, Nova's not my cup of tea altogether as is Sophia, and for the life of me I cannot find Darrow. I know he's supposed to be in Fort Arc, but where?
Also, Gilliam. Oh, GILLIAM. I accept his "Defend Grayridge" quest and when I send people he'S either like "oh too bad, I didn't even have to use your guys!" and I fail, or he tells me I shouldn't even have sent my bunch of losers and I fail.
What is it with that guuuuuy, argh.

So I managed to find Darrow and recruit Gilliam too (god knows how) but now I can't find Lubberkin. Argh! He's supposed to be in Grayridge in a street but he just doesn't show up.

So yes.
Who of you has played this game? I want to talk to people. xD Tell me about your favourite charactes, your favourite scenes, music, whatever it is!
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I hate this month.

So very much.

I am also somewhat swamped with messages and stuff I never really find the time or will to comment on, so I'm going to clean up my watchlist a little.
Not by me, but :icontavaris: uploaded some very beautiful character designs for 2 species of hybrid animals.

As far as I can tell her way of dealing with giving out the adoptions is pretty neat. It's supposed to be a contest where you can win the adoptable mainly by creating a nice background story for it. :)

Please go have a look at them if you're at all interested!


So, after returning from my short vacation trip, it seems like my ISP is on good terms with dA again so I can login and surf the site as I used to.
Let's hope this isn't just an exception!

I missed the random browsing, inspiration and conversation with you guys. :heart:

so now, for something different:


that's right. I collect postcards from all over the world on my fridge door!
Especially funny, pretty or unusual ones and from places I don't already have postcards from but in the end... it doesn't really matter. I'd love to get a postcard from you even if you lived next door from me and would send me the 100th postcard from France! XD

Is anyone around here like me and likes to exchange postcards or maybe even little letters?
If you are interested, send me your adress via note and I'll reply with my adress so we can exchange mail. :)
Seems like for about a week now I can't access deviantArt anymore from my home.
This is sort of weird since it worked fine before. By now I know that it's apparently my ISP blocking the site for whatever reasons so I don't know when I'll be able to access the site again from home.

In the meantime please understand that I'll not be able to read or reply to any comments or just view art. I miss you! :wave:

Wish me Luck that this issue will be resolved quickly!

As the title says - I'm moving! :excited:

This weekend I'll start moving to my first, very own apartment.
Right now I'm in the middle of packing and other preparations and as I don't know yet how long it'll take for me to get settled there I just wanted to give you a heads-up.

I hope to resurface by the middle of August (at the latest) but you never know. Until then, don't expect much activity from me. :bye:

Take Care! :heart:
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Let's make this short.

I love crits.
I feel like I'm a little stuck with art lately.

Do you want to help me grow and develop my artistic abilities?

Then please, take a look at my gallery. Not necessarily a detailed one. I don't ask for specific crits on single pictures. Just take a look around, for as long as you want or have the time to.

Then, please answer as many of the following questions as you can/like:

- What do you see?
- Do you like it?
- What do you want to see more of?
- is there something lacking that you think should be there?
- can you spot any patterns? Are those good or bad?
- anything else that comes to mind?

I'm curious to see what you think. :)
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Does anybody else think that this is sort of... ridiculous?

I remember the times when people were just called either "subscribed" or "not subscribed" until they changed subscription to premium membership, but this button on my page, telling everyone including myself I NEED a premium membership is just a tad laughable.
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As the title says, I'm back from Norway!

Even though it was quite stressful (Memo to self: only travel with very close friends you know well. Don't travel with families.) it was lots of fun and over way too quick. I didn't do and see half of the things I wanted to, but I enjoyed all of it.

Norway truly is a beautiful country. And WARM around this time of the year, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I'll post pictures and a little report soon - a little here and some more on my LJ account.
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