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if i ve seen right i havent uploaded him yet... i forgot him for some reasons, its about ages already that i scanned the sketch.. or at least month xD
That was my try to draw a Bird Anthro. Its a raven which i called Raak, because i think Raak is a good name for a raven.
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Wow very beautiful ^^
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jalkfjdskla. I'm commenting late again. :iconotlplz:

Bird anthro is really hard. I normally do pretty good, though, until I get to the legs. THEIR LEGS ARE SO SKINNY! I can never make them look right. ^^'
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yeah right, that was a point where i was insecure too xD... thats why he wears big pants xD
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I should try that next time I draw a bird character. BIG PANTS. They solve everything. |3
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No, I can't remember having seen him here yet. But he looks very cool, I can imagine that transforming a bird into an Anthro was quite a challenge. But it turned out very good, nice work!
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thanks, yes it was quiet a challenge. mostly i just wanted to draw his face xD
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awsome, ive been trying to draw a bird anthro for a while... but i just cant get it right
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its truely a bit strange. in fact he could not fly with wings like these, but well i thought, in fact he wouldnt wear pants too, and other anthros could not talk etc. so i ignored that fact :aww:"
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I love it, it very rare to see birds furrie around here
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thanks :3 mhmm now that you say this.. i havent seen much yet, but i didnt searched them in special... ^^"
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yeah, I draw Dodo, Swan and Owl female, I am one of those rare birds furrie artist around here
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