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"Every journey has its final day. Don't rush." 

Zhongli, the Lord of Geo from Genshin Impact. Painted for the official "Zhongli: Heart of Bedrock" fanart contest.

It was a true privilege to paint this guy! I love the commanding color contrast and glowing golds of his ancient Geo Archon look, and I wanted to try to evoke the same intense sort of atmosphere in his human form. 

He is a permanent member of my party now. *__* How did I ever survive without him before? 

Genshin Impact fanart ; Artwork ©Adele Lorienne
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AAAH The Lord of Geo! Rex Lapis himself! I know I commented on Insta, but DA on the computer is so much easier to type on. XD

This is gorgeous work dear! I love the details and the lighting, and the over all tone of the piece is so intense, you can really see his power as the Geo Arcon.

I hope I can attain him the next time he comes around; I entered the game a little late and wasn't able to rack up enough gems in time. But I will bring him home next time! <3 Congrats on adding him to your party!

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Thank you so much! I worked really hard on him, and tried to bring out the gold everywhere. I hope you get him the next time his banner comes around!! I don't know how I ever survived without him in-game before, honestly, lol...his shields are amazing. *__*

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My pleasure dearie! I can definitely see your hard work in this! You have come SUCH a long way since I first saw your work!

And I hope so too. I'm just going to save up as many primagems as I can, and only wish for characters that really catch my eye (like him XD). Noelle is a geo user, and her shields have been super helpful, but with Zhongli being the Geo Arcon, I know his abilities are much more powerful. I was at least able to test him out on his banner testing, and I absolutely LOVED him!!

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Lord of Geo, actually! It's molten rock/meteors falling in the background.

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Gotcha. The color palate had me thinking of Jenny Dolfen's "It ends in fire", though hers is red to your orange. (I wish she were still here on dA. I tried unsuccessfully to get her to stay. Now I follow her on IG and Patreon.)

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