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Morgan's design has undergone a few changes over the years, both symbolic and literal, and after his forest-merging-debut in "Deep Wood", he demanded a full portrait of his own, complete with raven feathers and moss and pencil-murdering foliage. And daggers, of course...and his current captive, too. *sigh* I originally wanted to get reflections of two other rival characters in his blades, but it became too distracting and threw the focus off of Morgan. And we can't have that. XD

You can learn more about Morgan and "The Wars of Avenan" storyline here: [link]


0.5 Mechanical pencil
Morgan copyright © me
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He's really handsome I love the drawing!
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Great drawing! :)
Neranella's avatar
Wow ! Amazing artwork. :squee:
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Holy flops! That's some freaking amazing pencilwork.
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Great work! And it reminds me of the story I am writing :D
Nalon-lon's avatar
You have a very nice gallery good job
TT0TTAyanoTT0TT's avatar
I cant stop staring!!!!!

it's amazing!!!!! :-O
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How long did it take you to design this to completion do you know? Because this is how detailed I'm hoping my work will eventually become with a lot of work put into it :)
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I don't remember, but it was at least a week, maybe more, off and on. ^__^;
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Wow. It's gorgeous ^_^! Keep it up lol, though I'm sure I don't need to tell ya that haha. I've been seeing your images for a few years now and they always amaze me. But this is the first I've seen this one and I was just blown away by the details.
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This is quite lovely!Very well done!!
Would you mind if I use it in a musical cover I'm doing a video for on YouTube ?
Credit will surely be given :-)
I'm used to doing things like this , so if you need a reference , see this vid: [link]

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I love it so much, so I posted it here [link] on my Tumblr with all references to you, by the way.

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Thank you so much! :)
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I love the looks of this pic.
Not the button to the website, but the buttons on the website itself do not work. :( Please fix! I'm really interested!
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The buttons on the website work fine--I just checked. ^__^;
It was just the library one that wasn't working. IDK why... >.> But it's good that you're checking anyways. I just wanted you to know. Didn't know if it was for everyone...
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There is nothing in the library, that would be why. ^__^;
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wow he has changed its been ages since I looked at your art,
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uuuhwaaa! i rely want to draw like this! amazing!
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this is sooooo awesome! :love:
I can't even imagine how long that foliage would take! DX
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boah... is realy the highest grade of drawing, all the details are just amazing.
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Morgan is my favorite of your characters, and this is my favorite of his portraits :heart: I'm in loove!
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Beautiful shading. All this in mechanical pencil? Crikey, this musta taken daaayyys!
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