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TimeLord of the Rings sketches

My muse is on a Doctor Who kick. I regret nothing.

The other crossover quotes you all are coming up with are seriously brilliant! Keep them coming! :D
"The Doctor simply vworps into Morder..."
"There And Back Again...But Not Necessarily In That Order."

Doctor Who ©BBC/LOTR ©Tolkien

Other DW/crossover silliness:
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Boy, that story would have ended pretty quickly!
PigsInA-Blanket's avatar
Did you also do one with Radagast and 7th Doctor? I really love the art and the expressions in this! 
Oh man, that is awesome! Top notch!
meowmeowmgirl's avatar
More like Timelord of the Rings of Akhaten! :3
NayaWhovian1016's avatar
!!! That's SO funny!!! Really great idea!
VicodinFlavoredMints's avatar
Oh this is Adorable!!! Would totally happen too if the Doctor gets involved. Bravo good sir/madam! :iconbravoplz: :heart:
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I love LOTR but I think I would love this too. My fangirl heart might give out.
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I LOVE IT. Especially Gollum chewing the TARDIS and the Doctor throwing the Ring back into Mount Doom.
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I can't believe I didn't already think of that, "TimeLord of the Rings." Gollum appears to be drooling all over the precious. I would too.
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"There And Back Again... But Not Necessarily In That Order." lol, brilliant :D
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That is a very cool volcano.
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hhaha brilliant, lol great sketch
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eye see what you did there :D
Indilwyn-M's avatar
This is amazing!
Iceshark39's avatar
BRILLIANT!!! In a word, brilliant!
WhoIAm923's avatar
i found this on facebook! [link] which led me here! :D wonderful work too!
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Omg I have been waiting for this! Absolutely brilliant!
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Lol, this is brilliant! :-))
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So clever!
Knowing Gollum he would jump off the outside of the TARDIS for the ring.
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