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The Nefarine Tree

"That must be the Nefarine, Falen thought, recalling his guide's words.

A platform supported by thick wooden brackets hammered into the bark spiraled upward around the trunk of the colossal tree and formed a walkway into the height of the branches. From there, following a handrail driven alongside the wooden pathway, it was possible to walk the tree like a bridge to cross the chasm.

The chasm itself was almost as wondrous as the tree. Rivers flowed from three sides, cascading into feathery waterfalls as they plummeted down the walls of the rift to form the sparkling lake Falen had seen below. The mountains of the Nefar range soared on the other side, stretching into the distance as far as could be seen."

A huge thank you to my wonderful patrons this month! Without your support I would never have been able to take the time off work to play around with my own projects.  Reworking some landscapes from my old Wars of Avenan storylines has been on my list of projects for years now! The last time I drew this tree was back in 2001.  It's been a while! ^__^;;
Draw This Again - The Nefarine by Saimain

Art ©Adele Lorienne; Website - Tumblr - Patreon
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whisperingwhillows's avatar
Hi Saimain! I was wondering if I could use this wodnerful artwork of yours as a banner, for a page I'm making on this website, I would give you proper credit of course, and no alterations would be made to it. If not, that is totally fine and understandable. Have a blessed day.
Saimain's avatar
I would rather this artwork not be used for a banner, as it pertains to a specific place in my stories. But thank you so much for asking first, I really appreciate that! :)
whisperingwhillows's avatar
No problem! Your artwork is very beautiful!
cuilwenerynlasgalen's avatar
Majestic, that is all I can say! :heart:
RebeccaTripp's avatar
Raakone's avatar
This is just so amazing. I love this "tree-arch" here!
Haruka--chan's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! This is gorgeous!!! I hope to someday be able to paint backgrounds like you do! :heart:
emerlyrose's avatar
Simply beautiful!
yupinukedem's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful, whoa.
FlareAndIcicle's avatar
This piece is stunning! The use of colours conveys such a sweet and fantastic mood while the detail in the trees and water is stunning! :love::heart:
LostDigidestined's avatar
amazing, simply stunning
keight's avatar
This is an elegantly lovely concept that is beautifully painted. Well done.
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Very beautiful, and shows recognition of the Chinese classical style.
Wildphoenix22's avatar
So incredibly majestic! Your imagination and ability to bring this world of your to life is a true gift! Thank you for sharing it with us! ^_^
xHelloBeautifulx's avatar
Holy, epic-ally magnificent! This Majestic Nefarine Tree is stunning and The Waterfalls look incredible! The landscape, trees,tree trunk,roots,plant life,water,reflection,sunlight, sky,clouds,birds,river, flow,realisticness,hues,atmosphere,textures,movement,composition,concept,uniqueness,lighting,colors,style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
Saimain's avatar
Wow, that is quite a comment! Thank you! ^__^ I'm glad you enjoy it!  I had a lot of fun painting it.  :heart:
Ardwenn's avatar
While I adored the original drawing, there's no doubting the greater fidelity of the new piece (and colors!). Really reminds me of some of the more interesting shaped redwood trees.
cat-in-the-web's avatar
wow that's totally gorgeous!! everything about it!
tamaraR's avatar
I want to live here :love: Absolutely stunningly beautiful. :heart:
whu-wei's avatar
wow, lovely work
TAHernandez's avatar
Gorgeous!  I love it
MisfortunesLady's avatar
Love the lighting, very pretty.
louisezero31's avatar
Is it supposed to trick the eye or something? Because I clearly see the figure of a lady in there :) It's just the head, with her hair untied, there's no face, just the silhouette. 
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