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The Darkest Illusion

By Saimain
An Illusionist (a creature who can bend light and shadows to its will) is tormenting Prince Luke, and has just pinned his best friend and servant Danathen to the door. It now keeps Luke back so he cannot determine if what he's seeing is real or all in his mind... Drawn back in 2005, but I finally got a better scan of it to post. My scanner wasn't all that great back then. XD

You can learn more about Luke, Danny and the "Not All Kings Wear Gold" storyline here: [link]

Luke and Danathen are copyright me
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© 2005 - 2021 Saimain
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This is so fantastic!
Saimain's avatar
Wow, thank you so much for all the features! :hug:
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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I love how you can see through the Illusionist where it's holding him. Can't quite explain it, but it just does something for the picture. Kind makes the whole concept of "Is it reality or illusion?" strike home.

Lovely and thoughtful.
Lady-Abbington's avatar
Oooh, I never noticed that. O.O
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-thinks yaoi - *____* rawr ~~
Jess-san94's avatar
Omfg, This Is Awesome, What A Amazing Drawubf And Such A Talent...
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Did you ever have an account on Elfwood?

I swear I remember seeing this over there...
And remembering how great it is lol
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Yes, I do have an old account on Elfwood.
Daniclaws's avatar
Aaaah. I thought so.

Great pictures none-the-less :]
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D: interesting, good job! D:
MomoISMaiMonkeh's avatar
this is amazing!you did this with only a pencil 0.0 wow
Lalupi's avatar
Wow amazing details and expressions! Love it :D
=) they seem such interesting characters! love it! thank you!
House-of-Bones's avatar
This is beautiful. Your pencil work is just as amazing as the paintings! So sorry for the random attack of favourites to your art with no comments; I figured I'd add an extra large comment here to compensate ^^;
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That's amazing! the detail is awesome!
ssectusempra's avatar
Ooo!!! I love the way you use the pencil. Beautiful shading xDD
okso, i don't know how to say this without sounding creepy, but this has been one of my favorites of yours for a long time. I used to browse elfwood occasionally a couple years back, and when i stumbled across this (and some of your other work) i totally loved it. i saw one of your pieces featured today, and immediately recognized the style as yours. really good stuff. i digg your style.
dillon-was-here's avatar
aww.. he's too young. nice drawing.
MottInThePot's avatar
omg you caught the emotion perfect. the panic in this is really breath taking...
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