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By Saimain
Inspired by the Big Finish audio drama “Scherzo” featuring the Eighth Doctor and Charley, the companion for whom he would sacrifice both life and sanity. This kiss is not at all what you think…

“Scherzo” is a chilling exploration of sensory deprivation and emotional overload. Not one of my top favorite episodes, but certainly one of the most memorable, in which the Doctor is at his most cruel and most desperately honest and even vulnerable. It is also, while seriously disturbing, a beautiful and intensely haunting experience. It affected me so much it warranted its own painting.

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More of my Doctor Who artwork HERE:…

Many massive thanks to Kirke Rafael, ~musicality84 ~MoonchildVenix ~MoonM and *harbek for generously contributing to the Fanart Fund and allowing me time to finish up some of these! More artwork of Eight and other Doctors soon to come!

More Eight and Charley:
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Who, this is cool. It actually looks like the glass is broken. I have yet to try my hand at this stuff. I should.
Thriaemis's avatar
Amazing! I love that you know the Big Finish eighth Doctor stories and illustrate them so beautifully. 
PCamenzind's avatar
I'm almost there - my next stop is Zagreus. Can't wait to hear this stories! Great picture!
PCamenzind's avatar
Yes, this picture looks totally different after one hears the audio.
Meisiluosi's avatar
The whole divergent universe arc is one of my favourite DW story arcs ever, actually... And Scherzo, together with Natural History of Fear, counts among the best DW stories I've ever seen, heard or read.
And this painting captures some of that haunting eeriness quite nicely.
Not to mention it's very, very pretty. :-)
CrystalTwilight's avatar
Really nice glass effect! This looks lovely :)
DoctorSiggy's avatar
HNNGG. *fangirls everywhere* Fantastic :D
sayuri4muu's avatar
I can definitely see the chaos in the picture!!
EBENEWOOD's avatar
Beautiful visual composition...:clap::sun:
meggadeth's avatar
Superb! I'm mesmerized...
tangerinewarning's avatar
Excellent creation.
I agree, it's not my favourite either, although it is an excellent performance by Paul McGann and India Fisher.
I think out of the Divergent arcs the two stories that stand out for me are "A Natural History of Fear" (again for the performances and the story/end twist) and "Caerdroia" for Paul McGann's performances.
Saimain's avatar
Oh, yes, I loved Caerdroia!  :heart::heart:  I'm making my way through Eight/Lucie's run now, and "Orbis" has shattered my soul... 
Timedancer's avatar
The best description and illustration of 'Scherzo' I've ever seen. More Eighth Doctor art please! :-)
Tsukiko75014's avatar
The combination: this picture and Viva la Vida on the background. Purrrfect.
doublethefun's avatar
This is amazing.
Weaselon's avatar
Gorgeous. I've only heard one Big Finish story with Eight and Charley and it made me want to get more.
OzKid96's avatar
Eight is one of my favorites. I loved his movie and I want him in the 50 so bad. I met his companion, Daphne Ashbrook a while ago and she was far too lip-locked...
Saimain's avatar
I have very high hopes!  *fingers crossed*
OzKid96's avatar
Well. He came back! (briefly, but I guess it's all we could really hope for)
Unmeimiru's avatar
whoa! neat effect
Nortstar's avatar
wow it is really awsome :)
felinewyvern's avatar
Lovely work - the broken glass is really impressive.
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