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I’m excited to finally post this one! It’s been in the works on my Patreon for a very long while.

Starting off 2019 with multiple Ignis paintings in my gallery–I feel this is going to be a good year.

Final Fantasy XV fanart ; Artwork ©Adele Lorienne
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© 2019 - 2021 Saimain
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This is stunning.
Really loving all the subtle emotion in this, and the colours and shading are gorgeous. Makes me want to play Episode Ignis again! Truly beautiful work. :heart:
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Gorgeous work!   You really captured his intensity here.  And I swear Ignis just gets better with age.  <3 
undercoverblacksheep's avatar
Gorgeous. I LOVE the colors.
Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
KraftyKat2011's avatar
This got featured on the DA Twitter :3 Love it!!
Saimain's avatar
Hmm...I don't see it there? Thanks for letting me know, though! I wish DA would notify artists when they repost our work elsewhere.

And thank you! ^__^
Nortstar's avatar
wow it look amanzig ^^
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Yay! I can finally fav this one here. I've been waiting for this one for a while. It kinda makes me feel like picking the game up again.
Saimain's avatar
Yay! :la: Episode Ignis is amazing. And there's lot of new stuff available to play in-game now, and the Ep Ardyn prequel coming soon.
Caldwin's avatar
I already played episode Ignis. I do want to play Ardyn when it comes out though. I could do some adamantoise hunts to keep in practice until then. I've kinda stalled out on the postgame for Dragon Quest XI.
Kurre-Kurre's avatar
Love the use of colors and lighting!
Nokuthula's avatar
Yes! I love the colours and magic effects. I'm always so terrible at depicting magic, so I love seeing someone who knows how to make it look good. :)
GoddessNyx21's avatar
This looks Amazing! i felt like watching episode Ignis today and his episode literally kicked Gladiolus from my favorite 1st character lol 
Wyzzel's avatar
VERY expressive and powerful work Adele, I love every single part, detail and color, it´s so awesome!
Uneide's avatar
Oh my gosh Adele, this version of Ignis.... its incredible. Not just the lighting, the expression... just everything about it breaks my heart. Its so, so lovely. <3
Saimain's avatar
Thank you! Ignis breaks my heart all the time... Crying Crying Crying 
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Very good sense of power and imminence.
Fantasized-Teravan's avatar
Holy moly, you're getting me again with the Ignis feels!! :O Beautiful work!! I love that there's so much depth in his eyes, and the intensity is making me shiver! Keep up the beautiful work! :love:
Saimain's avatar
Thank you so much! I never escape the Ignis feels. Ever. Crying I just have to paint it out sometimes.
Fantasized-Teravan's avatar
My pleasure!! And I totally get that; FFXV makes me do that a lot. :XD: I adore your Ignis pictures!  Noct and Prom too, of course; Noctis is my baby. :heart:
Coccineus's avatar
Great portrait of Ignis :clap:
He looks so handsome and badass :love:
Raakone's avatar
Awesome, looks a bit Blizzard-esque!
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