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Raha Sketchpage

I love this Crystal cat. He's very old and very kind.

Help me; FFXIV Shadowbringers was incredible and I may never recover. The Exarch owns my art muse now.

Pencil/mixed media. Many more sketches happening on my Patreon!

Final Fantasy XIV fanart ; Artwork ©Adele Lorienne 
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Shadowbringers has inspired me to write and draw again, in no small part due to the Exarch. 
He also makes me wish we had some sort of romance dialogue option... my character completely fell for him. 

But after the final battle, I had so many feelings... the Exarch, Ardbert, Emet-Selch. Damn. 
Once 5.1 comes out and we can replay quests, I'm going through the whole thing again.
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Damn you are an amazing artiest and she is a beautifully sketched character

:+favlove: :+favlove::+favlove::+favlove::+favlove:

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THAT is a dude     XD
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Also YE GODS Shadowbringers has been the BEST thing ever.
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You have NO IDEA how much I LOVE that you play FFXIV and give us stuff like this. I knew who he was from the very start. <3
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I had to quit playing FFXIV...simply because I had a hard time balancing my art with gaming AND home schooling a child AND a job...

This is great! The ears are awesome. I had a hard time placing them for a drawing of my friend's character. My char is a au'ra raen tribe. I finally settled there after a few changes. She'll still be there waiting for me when things slow down...
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G'RAHA :heart: My boy is so cuuuute!
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This is really good, always loved the way you draw faces and young features :)
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I love how you draw their ears.
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OMG so beautiful! I so much love this character. :)
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Ohhh so beautiful sketches!
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I can understand why you like him. Very well done.
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