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Pickin' Up Chicks -Take 2

New version of my Prompto "Pickin' Up Chicks" painting with a background commissioned by Robbie Daymond (Prompto's VA)! :D This is the second of three takes. You can see the Third and Final take HERE on my website.

I went for a Polaroid photo border in honor of Prompto being a photographer. And Wiz's Chocobo Post in the background, of course, with even more baby chocobos! They're jealous that he's making off with just one chick and not all of them. (I know he'd absolutely take them all if he could!) I wanted to keep the sketchy feel and lines of the original portrait, but modified Prompto's lower body somewhat to better work with the 11x17" print composition Robbie requested for his signing table. I think it turned out well!

Original version and extra Prompto + chocobo sketches:
Pickin' Up Chicks by Saimain Prompto and Birbs by Saimain

FFXV fanart; Artwork ©Adele Lorienne
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Wow, you got commissioned by the actual voice actor? That's pretty cool. :D

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Soooo cute! I love all of the chocobos! Especially the little baby ones in the background!

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Haven't seen a black one before O_O but I actively avoided Final Fantasies after X-2 because they're such incredible time sinks x_x

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There were Black Chocobos in several of the other games, in fact you could breed one in FFVII (and had to if you wanted to get a Gold Chocobo). However, most of the time they appeared purple. You find the black one in FFXV as part of a side quest.

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Oh my goodness!! This looks awesome! And congratulations on the commission from the golden chocobro himself!! I bet Robbie loved it! I remember getting to meet him a few years ago! Beautiful work as always!

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That chicken looks like it's got an attitude. Just the way it is looking seems to say "Yes, I am best. Worship me." XD

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This is too precious and immediately brings back all of my feelings about FF15.

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