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MeadowHaven Fantasy Coloring Book

All the dreams and hard work of two and a half years has finally come together! My "MeadowHaven" fantasy art coloring book Kickstarter has been fully funded through Kickstarter and is now available in print! :squee:

CLICK HERE to buy the printed book or PDF download through my MeadowHaven Etsy Shop!

:bulletgreen::bulletblue:Welcome to MeadowHaven!
 Explore a beautiful woodland kingdom where whimsical creatures roam, Flutterbunnies take flight and elves dance in flower fantasy masquerades. Leave your own footprints of imagination along overgrown pathways as you color your way through 54 pages of intricate forest fantasy.:bulletblue::bulletgreen:

The book features:
  • 54 Lineart Images (printed on single-sided pages)
  • 80lb Paper hefty enough to handle most coloring media, including markers and gel pens
  • Perforated Pages for easy removal
  • Perfect Bound 8.5" x 11" 
  • Matte Softcover with Gold Foil Embellishments (you can even color in the front and back covers if you like!)
  • Plus Bonus Grayscale coloring pages and other Kickstarter rewards
You can see previews of some of the artwork -->HERE<-- in my gallery. 

Thank you all so much for your feedback and support of this project! The book would never have come to print without you! :heart:
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Love the li'l sleepy!
I-am-Ayla-Cat's avatar
Quick question (again) but will there be any way to obtain the colouring book after the kickstarter project has finished?
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Yes, the book will be available for Pre-order through Backerkit until October, and any remaining copies listed in my Etsy shop after that, but all the extra goodies like the grayscale bonus coloring pages and extra mini pages are exclusive gifts for campaign backers as a special thank you. After all, the book would not exist in print without them! :)
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These are awesome!
MorenaVajak's avatar
I wish you all the best and hope that my book will arrive in a few months! Excited about this project!! 
Saimain's avatar
I hope so, too! Thank you so much! :heart::hug:
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I will totally sign up today to be part of your backers! :D
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:la::heart: Thank you SO much! It's only with your support that this coloring book can come to life!
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In my case, I'm honored and filled with happiness to see people like you sharing their artwork and let the world see what's possible if you stick to your pathway of life.
And it gives me strange to believe that I can make it one day myself to launch something on Kickstarter. Not all heroes wear capes, but some make art :D
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twoo more dayyys! i am very excited!
Saimain's avatar
Me too! And also nervous. *flails about*
AnnaPommes's avatar
it will work out great! But i feel you,i will make more advertisement for your kickstarter, i want that book! :D
larewenevenstar's avatar
oh wow! this is amazing! i shall have to back this when it starts! :D
Saimain's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart::hug::heart:
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i'm so excited to get the PDF! i'm going to be on sick leave for a while, after surgery, so it'll be nice to have that to do while i'm convalescing! i've been hoping for a colouring book of your work for some time, i'm so glad it got fully funded :D
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This is so cool!  Congrats on getting this all in order!!!! <333  God Bless your project further!  

.... oh man, your birthday is coming up fast!!!!  
I-am-Ayla-Cat's avatar
This looks absolutely gorgeous, but I have to ask, what price will it be when it is released?
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Thanks so much! It'll be $19.99 for a printed version (it is a really heavy, quality book with 53 pages and comes with an additional 7 printed goodies to color outside of the book) or $14.99 for the full digital copy you can download and print out at home. :)
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❤ ❤ 
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Is this different from the magazine you did?  I can't wait to see this up and about!
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Thanks so much! :heart: The magazine was only a one-month issue which licensed some of my lineart in the UK. This is a proper coloring book project that I've been working on for over two years, which will be much larger than the magazine and of better paper quality, and sold in the USA and worldwide. :D 
Forgotten-Kingdom's avatar
Oh wow congrats!!!  Will it be in stores?  I'm so happy for you!  Me and my sister have been following you for as long as I can remember.  You deserve all the good news!!
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Thanks so much! If the book is successfully funded on Kickstarter, then it will go into print, and I can also offer it through Amazon later this year. Everything's riding on the Kickstarter, though; I'm so nervous about it! ^__^;;; 
Forgotten-Kingdom's avatar
Ah so exciting!!  I'm sure it will do great!!
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