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Published: November 4, 2009
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", you're lyin' on the battlefield with an arrow for a decoration, and everybody homes in on it like a beacon and they start pryin' it out WHILE you're conscious, and you're thinkin' "Ahh! Don't trouble yourselves, just leave it in there for goodness' sake! I got it first, it's mine! Don't touch it! I can use it to hang stuff on and--aahh!" And then when you finally faint from all the pain, they shake you and shout your name and try to wake you up, and you're thinkin' "Heeeeeeell no, I ain't comin' back to that! Why d'you think I fainted in the first place?!" Then they get all frantic-like and such and start hollerin' "Don't die on me, man!" and you're thinkin' "The only one gonna die here is you if you don't quit shaking me!""

-Jason, on getting shot.

Hee, Jason is one of my favorite characters, and I somehow haven't drawn him since 2003. o_O; I discovered this criminal fact when putting together his art-progress chart, and had to remedy it immediately. Painting this took far too long, but it was very good anatomy practice, hee. The words "Mine- Leave it be!" are etched in the wood of his crossbow, if you're wondering what the letters are. XD The background is actually from another pencil piece I was working on, but never finished.

You can learn more about Jason and "The Wars of Avenan" storyline here: [link]


0.5 Mechanical pencil and Photoshop 5.5
Jason is ©me
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I fave it for the quote on getting shot. Haha!
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Hachibi-sama's avatar
The quote was too funny
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Thnerdinthcorner's avatar
Oh my goodness...Thank you very much for the laugh!
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Dercce's avatar
OMG, the pose is sooo awesome! And I love the commentary on getting shot!
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PhoenixScribe's avatar
The picture is good, really, but I nearly wet myself reading your description. That's why I'm keeping this picture. Thank you for making my day.
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IceQueenofMitera|Hobbyist General Artist
I needed a good laugh. I can tell already Jason is a lovable and snartass character
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snoopgirl55's avatar
haha when I say this I couldn't stop laughing :)
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TrollkaRuby's avatar
Yeesss, I admit, I like him! :B
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IncenteFalconer's avatar
IncenteFalconer|Student General Artist
this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
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TropicalFool|Professional Interface Designer
Absolutely wonderful piece and I love the back story. Glad you decided to revive him.
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nintendog44|Hobbyist General Artist
OMG you just draw my boyfriend and his name is Jason too xD♥ anyways gorgeous i wish i could draw like you.. nah i don´t wish im going to draw like you in the future + _+ love the colors x333
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MerryBrandy25|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Nice! He's very cute and sounds like a really interesting character! :D
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wertyh's avatar
yeah I like you... =P
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rice-claire's avatar
rice-claire|Student Digital Artist
yes, I admit.... I like you very much =D

Nice work on this =)
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kendall95|Hobbyist General Artist
lol this is cool :)
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Ailysha's avatar
Ailysha|Hobbyist General Artist
The description made me laugh XD
Well... I must admit, he´s cute^^
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HomburgHatter's avatar
That actually made lol literally.
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Odjitx31|Professional Filmographer
Is it weird that I have a crush on him? :3
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ScythePunkette|Hobbyist General Artist
I could so match your description to the picture. He has that look about him. Beautiful picture, rich in detail. It is really amazing.
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CUTE ELF :blush: :heart:
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Lou-Diamant's avatar
Lou-Diamant|Student General Artist
No problem,I can easily admit it... I LIKE HIIIIIIM! He is so beautiful, he looks a bit selfish, but in the same time, he looks mysterious, full of secrets...I want him in my bed! *___*
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your amazing!
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Octopus-Zeal|Hobbyist General Artist
This is spectacular! I really enjoyed looking at it, very well done! Over exposure may cause a good way.
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