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I Remember (KH3 Spoilers)


"Oh, but that's two were 'friends.' take his life." 


(Kinda spoilers because this didn't actually happen--but it almost did!) WIPs and a version without background on my Patreon. 
Kingdom Hearts fanart ; Artwork ©Adele Lorienne 
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This is amazing, but.....ouch the feels. No one hurts my boy!

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Xion no! 
Also amazing job
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oh no some one save him

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This is kind of tragic.  I am glad this didn't happen in the game.  If it did, I would be besides myself.
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Awesome pic! Like the light and shadows.
I swear this game just took my soul.
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Waaahhhhh!!!!! OWwwwww Poor baby Axel he just needs a hug
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My baby girl is pure and innocent! She would never do such a hateful act! Anyway beautiful drawing and a scary what-if moment. Nice touch on the tears too.
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Well, she wasn't herself at the time, just a puppet following orders (apparently? Looking forward to Xion's upcoming DLC.) But if not for Sora/Roxas' literally last-second intervention, she would have! And seeing what she'd done might have woken her up, too...Waaaah! So glad Nomura didn't venture down that path for my dear sea-salt trio.
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Same here! Can't wait for the DLC!
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I love Axel He's my #1 Favorite Character!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart  Kingdom Hearts Icon 1/2 Kingdom Hearts Icon 2/2 Axel Chibi Icon What's Your Problem? Axel Summons Chakram Axel Is Mad cute Axel 
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This beautifully hurts. Good Job! ♥
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I already know how this part goes, but dang, seeing this is just so sad - and beautiful, and heart rending. Absolutely gorgeous rendition of Lea/Axel. 
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THIS BETTER NOT HAPPEN or i am gonna murder somebody
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It appears you don't mind spoilers, but without saying too much Axel gets much of what he wants back 
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No worries! A timely intervention is made before it does. ^__^;;
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