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Faeren in a more advanced stage of his Forest transformation, which, of course, gave me an excuse to indulge my love of painting nature. ^__^ You can learn more about Faeren and "The Wars of Avenan" storyline here:…

Original pencil linework:
Glance -lineart by Saimain
0.5 Mechanical pencil/Photoshop 5.5
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I'm so in love..♡
LiquidCurves's avatar
This is gorgeous! One of the best I've seen! :)
brechdaslicht's avatar
Truly a part of the forest..
Veyrius's avatar
I just can't stop looking at this. It's so beautiful xO
RockerRainMarie's avatar
:wave: I want to learn how to draw forests and nature backgrounds and i was wondering if you had any tips?
Stunning picture by the way^___^
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Great work you do have a love for fantasy art. Is he an elf or a hobbit or a race you made up ? :P
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He's my own creation. You can learn more about my worlds and characters on my website, if you are interested: [link] :)
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Ah ok thanks did you make that website if so nice. Your characters are great i love them all i read their character Bio.

All your artwork is great i would ask you to teach me but i am not getting anywhere near your standard any time soon.

Where does the inspiration come from for you characters. Do you just make them up. Or do you get inspiration from other fantasy characters like frodo or legolas. Or do you base them on your friends or family members ?

Have you designed a map of the land just to see what it looks like.
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After perusing your gallery for a while now, I've decided I can't escape the reality that I'm utterly in love with your passion for deep contrast and high saturation. It brings the areas of light into high, eye-catching relief without being stark, and, for me at least, creates a dream-like sense of surreality that I connect with on a very deep level. Your talent is without peer. Otherworldly.
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hi!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind!
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Not at all. Thank you so much! :heart:
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Magnificent! Ugh, I have the same problem with my pencil-shaded drawings. Scanning washes out the darker areas and eliminates the subtlest of shading.
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It's absolutely amazing. Fantastic work :D
ZeeKoLogYandArts's avatar
wow another brilliant artwork. :D hey your my idol after all..:D
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A blanket of feathery moss would be so soft and wonderfully sweet smelling. :)
SKRaffety's avatar
How long did this take? I absolutely love it! I can't get enough of those vine- veins. Really amazing. I'll be staring at this for a while :D
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So beautiful, yet kind of terrifying as well...
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wow ...just wow !!!
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:wow: SO BEAUTIFUL :love:
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don't take this the wrong way, but.......your art is so almost hurts to look at makes my heart ach sorry if that sounds weird
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