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Fairy Dance

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it is so pretty :)
newboldworld's avatar
Enchanting!     :-)
TheBrassGlass's avatar
Truly beautiful; nice work on the lineart and the shading. :heart:
adamquinnart's avatar
I love your drawing work, it expresses the essence of beauty in form and wondrous draw in detail all together in a unique heart captivating harmony leading the viewer captivated, into a glimpse of the beautiful world of numerous adventures that dwells within your mind of heart  <3 Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift from God our Lord it's been a great inspiration to me for many years :)  
LadyNilstria's avatar
It is really pretty, but where is the frog of the bow underneath her right hand?
Sefikichi's avatar
The world you show us through your artworks is beautiful. <3
MorenaVajak's avatar
The beauty of the illustration and the amount of mischief is delightful! 
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Beautiful, evocative and delightful combination of story elements, this fascinates and delights.
Ryivhnn's avatar
So cute, and the upside down one amuses me XD Slightly puzzled, is the one with the sword trying to help or stop the violin playing? :)
Caldwin's avatar
Trying to get a better look to see how it's done?
Ryivhnn's avatar
Saimain's avatar
lol, I wondered that, too! It's up for anyone to decide. :)
Nortstar's avatar
wow it is so pretty :)
pearwood's avatar
Ever so helpful... :D
DTavona's avatar
Beautifully done.
BrandyWoods's avatar
I love seeing pencil artworks, especially in this day and age where eeeeeverything has to be 'shiny and digital'. <3  I've been following you since Elfwood! ;)
Saimain's avatar
Oh wow, that was a while ago! I'm honored that you've stuck around so long! :D Thank you! :hug: :heart:
Wyzzel's avatar
Awwwwwwwww :meowlove: 
AnnaRDunster's avatar
One of those fairies looks extremely unhelpful.
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