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Faeren -Genshin Impact style-


This whole year I've been daydreaming about my OC Faeren as a Genshin Impact character with his own 5-star character Wish art--and finally, I made it happen!

Of course he's a Dendro (nature element) character. Bare feet because he leaves a temporary trail of moss and flowers whenever he walks. <3 His "pet" Snoots would be his charged attack, appearing only to act as a decoy in battle and mesmerize enemies with deadly flowers while Faeren uses his burst skill to entrap them within a circle of damage-dealing vines. He also has a floaty sword that he controls but never actually touches.

Trying to adapt my style to fit the Genshin Impact character art/world aesthetic was a challenge in every aspect, particularly figuring out his outfit design, but I adored every nature-swirling bit of it! There are repeating heart-shapes throughout, to reflect the Dendro symbol as well as his character attributes.

Someday I'd like to reimagine Luke (and possibly Morgan) in this style also. We'll see if my hands and free time can ever catch up to my brain. 

Artwork and character Faeren©Adele Lorienne
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P.S.: (The Genshin Impact wish bg template I owe to's a lifesaver for everyone like me wanting to draw their own OCs as Genshin Impact characters!)

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I’m still blown away by how authentic this looks! ;A; Faeren’s outfit, his *SWORD*, the little butterfly accents- all of it is just too good! I love the purple sash to add that splash of color- and the bottoms of his pants are just so cute (and his feet’s ;A;). The burst effect is absolutely unbelievable!!!

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I really miss seeing your characters. This is such a welcome sight.

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Really really good, congrats :)

Im a Genshin Impact player too, that char is awesome

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