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I have a great deal of trouble working with pens and markers, but I had to get at least a couple pieces in for the Inktober challenge! So here, have more Ignis and Noctis.

Final Fantasy XV fanart ; Artwork ©Adele Lorienne
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© 2017 - 2021 Saimain
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You've captured Ignis' expression perfectly, and with so few lines. Love this!
Absolutely crazily beautiful. I love it. Simple as that.
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what do they have to endure?
I tried to google them but Final Fantasy is so vast and I didn't find a good answer :(
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Omg staaaahlp the feels are too great!!!
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I love them <3 great work
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“Trouble with pens”?! Get out! :)
This is simple, but conveys so much. I’m happy to see Ignis and Noctis getting some love for their entire lives together.
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This is so cute yet sad at the same time, I love this drawing.
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This looks so cute and sad! Poor Ignis with his scarred eyes - and Noctis looks very handsome in your style!
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