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Come Along, Pond

By Saimain
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"There’s a little girl waiting in a garden. She’s going to wait a long while, so she’s going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that if she’s patient, the days are coming that she’ll never forget. Tell her she’ll go to see and fight pirates. She’ll fall in love with a man who’ll wait two thousand years to keep her safe. Tell her she’ll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived. And save a whale in outer space. Tell her, this is the story of Amelia Pond. And this is how it ends." ~Amy's letter to the Doctor

So I made myself cry...again. But the Doctor needed to be happy, even for a moment, even just a sketch. I could give him that much. I owe him a great deal more.

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I'm crying. Awesome, so tender♥
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I cried for ages, I really liked the Ponds, some of my fav companions. 
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Oh gosh, your spectacular, phenomenal artwork combined with the quote in the description... ok, I'm done. Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 
AlexelleRemoran's avatar
I don't know why I love things that make me sad.  Waaaah!   Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
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When I read the part of Amy's letter u wrote to the description I just automatically read it in her voice. <3 I mean I remember how she said it in The Angels Take Manhattan. ;_;

U draw so well even these kind of simple arts! :) The expressions are really good. :D

But I wind it REALLY sad Amy told the Doctor to tell her 7-yo self how her story ends! D: And tell those spoilers about her adventures and deeds coming. :/ How could she do that to herself?! But what can u do, it's Moffat...
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Oh, there's my heart. I knew I left it pinned to the wall somewhere. 
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awww I loved that part ^^
EmilySmiles-17's avatar
This is so beautiful!  <3
Thatreallydorkygirl's avatar
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *cries forever* just rewatched that episode T^T
Phelice's avatar
Oh good lord, your page is just full of sadness. You make me cry with almost every artpiece you make. Just amazing!
cat-in-the-web's avatar
awwww how cute he even squats down ^.^
MartaTheHedgehog's avatar
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Excuse me me while I go curl up in the fetal position. 
It always amazed me how you can capture the likeness of real people and your style is still so extremely obvious. It's beautiful. 
MerianMoriarty's avatar
brb, crying forever.........
Odneh's avatar
Very well done. I haven't seen today's Christmas Special yet, but I have seen a sneak peek photo with Amy Pond in it.
Baylee-Buttercup's avatar
the second i saw this it brought me to tears. Not kidding at all. I just have too many feelings for this :iconcryforeverplz:
duamdrallibor's avatar
so emotional !!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing !!!
Caldwin's avatar
Just saw this episode tonight. Yeah...kinda hurts doesn't it? Best companion since Rose.
mitdemadlerimherzen's avatar
This is wonderful! Great work! :worship:
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The feels ;w;
Gj ^^
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