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Bird of a Feather

My painting for The Elven Path Fantasy Artbook project by BlackFoxPress! I'm so pleased to finally be able to share the image with you all here! :heart: I haven't painted something this elaborate in years. 

The character's six wings are inspired by owl, dove and swan wings. Elerus belongs to Ardwenn, and he was kind enough to allow me to spend quite a lot of time painting this commission, as well as including it as an exclusive in the artbook! A progress page with the WIP/concept sketches for this piece will also be in the artbook, along with six other of my previous fantasy paintings and pencil works.

Pre-orders for the artbook are now live, and you can learn more information about the book and the other talented artists involved at

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sira's avatar

That´s gorgeous! I love when you draw fantasy things! Floating hearts 1

Tigryph's avatar

I adore how you do wings/feathers! ;_; They look so soft - and the way the light filters through. It's such a lovely piece!

Saimain's avatar

Thank you! :heart:

Ryivhnn's avatar

Elerus went from having one wing to all the wings? :)

How's your hand after painting all those details? :O

Saimain's avatar

It's slowly recovering. XD Elerus' character has many variations, depending which story he appears in (his creator both writes him in original books and rps him in multiple different universes), so he ends up sometimes with many wings, one wing, wispy ephemeral wings, or even no wings at all. ^__^

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I love this wings so badly! Such a wonderful work Adele!

Saimain's avatar

Thank you! :heart:

KnightofNoitcif53's avatar

Oh wow, this is incredible! As others have been saying, I love the way you painted the feathers, and the use of lighting really makes the piece stand out

Maiwenn's avatar

Wow ! The work on the wings is amazing! They look so soft yet so real, AND THE LIGHT THROUGH THE FEATHERS ! :wow:

Everything is so refined, the whole illustration is gorgeous. :heart:

(And baby birbs!!! ;v; )

Nortstar's avatar

wow, it is amaznig ^^

pearwood's avatar

It all comes together with her eyes. Beautiful.

Caldwin's avatar

Beautiful! I just preordered the artbook. Just to let USA residents know, with shipping...£37=$50.

UK money is weeeeeeird!

ClaytoneCarpe's avatar

Très beau travail ! ♥

Fantasized-Teravan's avatar

This is beautiful Adele!!! Elerus is so pretty!! I love all the detail, and the softness of the white wings are a great contrast to the intensity of owl's wings! It reminds me a lot of your piece called "Precious." Keep it up! I can't wait to see where this project leads! :heart:

Saimain's avatar

Thank you! :heart: And you are correct! I pretended I was painting an older Sali, and the composition came out similar to that painting.

Fantasized-Teravan's avatar
It is gorgeous!! I love how Sali and Elerus are almost like twins. Both are so beautiful and elegant, yet playful all at once. Had it not been for the different wings, I would have passed him for sweet Sali, hahaha! 💙💙
Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar

Absolutely stunning! Love the coloring and details :love:

Ardwenn's avatar

This is without a doubt one of the most outstanding works I've ever commissioned. Thank you for taking on this large painting, and thank you for bringing my vision to life in a way more profound and skilled than I could express. 2020 has been a tough year for hundreds of thousands across the globe, but this painting helped make my year a little brighter.

Raakone's avatar

Beautiful! A long time since I'd seen Elerus! This is so cool!

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