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Aymeric Sketchpage

Ser Aymeric de Borel from Final Fantasy XIV. :heart:

Been trying to find a moment to finish up his sketchpage since last December. ^__^;;; Haven't had time for much personal work this year between commissions and trying to keep my shop alive. 

Hoping to draw Estinien next! The only one still missing from my Ishgardian trio.

Ser Aymeric by Saimain  Haurchefant Greystone by Saimain  Of the Silver Fuller by Saimain

Final Fantasy XIV fanart ; Artwork ©Adele Lorienne 
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<3 FFXIV elezen boyos are the bestest!!!! :D

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Beautiful! Aymeric is my favourite. 🥰

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he look really great ^^

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The inability to talk is real.

The crush on this man.... Getting through HW was just... "Aymeric why you so pretty?" And then... dannngg your art.

It's like a happy marriage of perfection.

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Beautiful faces Adele!

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Oh thats my main HUSBAND. If they allowed marriage with NPCs, I'd marry him in a heartbeat. (Yes I did dress my cat girl fancy for the dinner scene). You did an amazing job and Im excited to see edgy dragon boy next

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gorgeous. ;w; the characters from Heavensward are SO good. Aymeric is my fave personally! but I love all of them. <3

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