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Axel Impact


"I'm the new Master of Dawn! Got it memorized?"

A crossover outfit swap between Genshin Impact and Kingdom Hearts that needed to happen. Diluc is never getting that coat back. :D Axel wears it better. 

I had a lot of fun with the phoenix fire (which also suits Axel better!) Tried out a cel-shaded painting style for this, and it's...much harder than it looks! I do like the way it turned out, though. I think I'll practice more with cel-shading in future paintings. Poor Diluc has no idea what just happened.

Genshin Impact/Kingdom Hearts fanart ; Artwork ©Adele Lorienne
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I wonder if you could Axel cosplaying as one of the Sinnoh Elite Four. I believe it's the trainer that has an Infernape.

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I love that you are such an amazing artist that is into things like Kingdom Hearts and Genshin.


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Is that the same person or a different redhead person in the background? They look so hilariously confused either way XD

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Axel is like "this is much more stylish and classy than some long black hoodie".

I love it

It's wonderful

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Holy crap, it looks so good on him. StarOStar

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This is beautifully made! The colors pop, the lines are crisp and clear and the flame work is fantastic. ❤️
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I did not know that I needed this in my life until now. This is so amazing, and I really love the fire effects so much.

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wow, he looks great!!

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He looks amazing!! 😎👏🔥

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I dont know the Genshin character but Axel does look GREAT in that jacket :D

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