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A Star for a Heart

My entry for "A Star For a Heart" contest hosted by :iconeshkenazi:
There's still time for more entries, go check it out here! [link]

The prompt: Once there was a girl who was born from a stone and she had star for a heart. One day she met a boy and put her heart in his hands. And it was magic.

Since the girl is born from a stone, it would make sense that she is small, so I made her a little stone faerie. Gives a new meaning to the term "precious stone," hee. She's a shy little thing... ^__^ My friend Kelly helped me come up with the idea. The background is meant to suggest a heart-shape. And look, I drew a boy without elf ears! *gasp*
(Batty: Aahh! Human!)

Took about three days total from sketch to painting. Pencil and Photoshop. I need more practice drawing children, heh.
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This has a Legend of Zelda kind of vibe XD
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You are a talent. Congratulations, very sweet.
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Perfect! I just love it...
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So sweet and gorgeous. Great work.
This is fantastic. The boy looks really good. I've been struggling to draw childrens' proportions myself. Not so easy.
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too tender and sweet...I love it :)
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Oh wow, this is beautiful! So much adoration!
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Beautiful <3
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the child is so cute his hand and feets.
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An eight year old boy and a tiny naked fairy? This can't end well. (spoken by someone who used to be an eight year old boy)

But seriously though, beautiful drawing.
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They both look perfectly childlike to me (coming from a mama to five). I love how she is looking away from what she is offering him, so sweet.
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I have featured your work in my journal.[link]
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Thank you so much! That was very sweet of you. :)
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It's the kind of setup for...they become friends and she makes him into another faerie...
Beautiful work!In my favourites =)
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"Star for a heart," huh? I wonder how many people submitted Howl's Moving Castle fanart to that one?

I love the lighting in this.
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I love how natural the pose is, and the color palette is lovely. :heart:
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