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I get lots of fantastic suggestions/wishes/requests and I can't keep track of them in all these different places, so I'll do it here. 

As per my previous status post I invite you to send me your requests, ideally collected in a journal entry of your own or as a text deviation, which you can then always add to (!). That's the easiest for me and therefore the most reliable. But you are welcome to also post them in comments. I'll transfer them here as soon as I can.

Therefore this post is a work in progress.

The contributors so far:
:iconkatieline: :iconchibialvin: :iconiggwilv: :iconmariatenebre: :iconkittyocean: :iconcrystalsetsuna: :iconlordblumiere: :iconsketching-panda-ren:


The well organized Katieline (amazing!!!):
SailorX betastuff: 3.25 by Katieline Xv3 ideasCause SailorXv3 said to make one!
(full disclosure I am greedy as heck, welp)
(look you asked for this okay)
:new: New things have this by them.
:new:-scroll bar on the load entity screen
-narrowed versions of the back hair like we discussed here
-RETRO HAIR!!! The original longer straight ponytails that had a sleeker look and a bit of wave, the longer straight pigtails that hung straight down, some of the bangs, some of the down hair, the three ponytails that the very first version (3.03) shipped with...
-Ami's hairstyle (the closest we have is the shorter straight ones and none of them are quiiiite right)
-Cosmos/Chibi Chibi bangs
-bend the braids so the longer ones are visible (for example)
-touch up the Moon and Luna odangos (they look a little fuzzy)
-Parallel Moon's odango

Suggestions by chibialvin:
weapons, flower odango, wings, and maybe double pigtails (two of the same pigtails on the same side)
odangos: stars, crescent moons, etc.
- sleeves similar to princess jasmine from Aladdin/Anna's coronation dress from Frozen.
- wavy pigtails
- rainbow gradients, braids wrapping around pigtails, school uniforms, and princess dresses
senshi uniforms based off their princess dresses (or Disney princess dresses)
 flower petal skirts

Suggestions by Iggwilv:
- ponytail braids for "low" ponytail
front and side split skirts
Double ribbons for the Eternal back bow
- Angled skirts where the skirt is longer on one side and shorter on the other side or longer on the back and shorter in the front. 
The hair styles for the Asteroid Senshi and various shaped odangos buns such as stars, moons, bat wings, angel wings.

Suggestions by MariaTenebre:
Sailor Uranus's boots
- Super long hair (à la Mistress 9)

Suggestions by kittyocean:
- more lightning strokes; bigger; different placed (like the classic pose around the tiara), but honestly, anything sparkly would rule to me!

Suggestions by CrystalSetsuna:
choker more in the middle of the neck than the bottom (for SailorXv4)
- Starlight boots!

Suggestions by LordBlumiere:
- LACE! (for skirts and other places)

Suggestions by
transparent glove rings and shoulder pads

My own request: All the musical details, like stripes on the front bow, pearls, etc...
Hello my dears, I have great news!

My friend CrystalSetsuna has created a Senshi Brooch Creator that is LAUNCHED!!!!

You can download it here:
Otaku Senshi Brooch Maker v1.1 by CrystalSetsuna

She created a video showcasing what you can do with it! Please show her some love by checking out the video... and maybe even commenting on it! :D
She has worked TWO YEARS on this and it is GORGEOUS! :squee:…

(As a SailorX fan you probably already know this, but just in case: The Otaku Senshi Brooch Creator is a module for the EMCCV. To read more about how to use these please visit

Ideas for the Senshi Brooch Maker

Sat Oct 8, 2016, 3:02 AM
As you may know CrystalSetsuna is working on a Senshi Brooch Maker for the EMCCV, which is looking STUNNING!!!
And I can safely tell you it is a LOT of work, which can get tediously repetitious. ^^;

She's got a few previews for you to check out, like this latest one:
Brooch Maker Preview III by CrystalSetsuna

If you're nearly as excited for this Brooch Maker as I am then please go and send CrystalSetsuna some feedback as to what you'd be really excited to see in such a Brooch Maker!
Like what shapes, what symbols, wings, etc.

Thank you!! :thanks:

The IndieGoGo campaign has come to an end, but the Patreon campaign is ongoing (monthly support starting at $1):
Please consider helping out with making this happen! Every little helps. And please spread the word on dA, Twitter, Facebook,...!

REWARDS include previews, WIPs, feature requests, character drawings by myself and Miranda and more!

ALSO Your vote and opinion weighs heavier in my decision making process.


We are actively working on programming the EMCCV and the Prototype is available NOW on!
Previews will from now on be posted on the new EMCCV account: :iconemccv:
That's where you'll find previews like these:


I am trying to reactivate the old Otaku World Kisekae Set System (KiSS) community! The EMCCV is a viewer and you can create your own dolls! More information on

SailorXv3 for EMCCV is out. So is an Adult Female Humanoid Portrait (AFHP) generator, though it is still in its infancy, and the full body Adult Female Humanoid (AFH) is available to patrons, who are helping me pay for the artwork. New features are being added all the time. SailorXv4 will be an extension for the AFH, and she will have everything that SailorXv3 has and everything that is missing from her including wings, glove styles, laced skirts, brooches, ..., Sailor Stars outfit, wand, staff, kitty, ... and multiple poses!!

Additional dolls and extensions are planned:
• SailorXv3
• SailorXv4
• Princess extension
• modern casual extension
• Super Hero extension
• medieval RPG extension
• Star Wars Jedi extension
• Star Trek officer extension
... and many more!

The EMCCV features include:
• load as many extensions as your computer can handle!
• improved graphic user interface
• colour picker for every item!
• palette of 6 reusable colours
• import/export colour palettes
• tools to brighten, darken, in-/decrease contrast (gloss/matte) of aspects
• click on an aspect in the picture to change its colour!
• colour link (changing an aspect will affect all aspects of the same colour)
• global mode (changes affect all aspects)
• zoom in/out
• import/export your settings (all or just selected tabs)
• point & shoot items! (for adding gems/stars/etc anywhere in the picture)
• share your creation on the future EMCCV community website!
... and many more!

And if you can't give financial support I understand. You can still help by spreading the word! Thank you VERY much. :thanks:
Hello all!

This is a shout-out to everyone interested in being a part of the next incarnation of the Sailor X Generator! Check out my website to get an idea of what it is now, but rest assured my future plans are much bigger than this. The website will grow into a community of writers and role-playing-gamers to showcase their characters. SailorXv4 will just be the beginning. More generators are planned and I do aim at generating income with commercial generators or premium accounts. SailorXv4 will remain non-commercial and free though! :love:

Wanna be a part of it? That's great cause I'll need help! So far I've been doing everything myself, but I would like to focus on the management and programming side of the project. 

JAVA WEB DEVELOPERS: I'm still at the planning stage, finding the best solution for an online multi-user community and an embedded generator that manages to load and reload all graphics simultaneously. I could use help with the 1) research, 2) experimentation of different approaches as well as the 3) implementation later on once everything is planned. I can't pay but my aim is to earn a living with this website eventually and if successful I would give you a fair share for your participation. I want to take care of my peeps. :D
Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  If you're interested please send me a note or comment below, stating which aspects you'd like to help out with and to what level you want to be involved. No wrong answers here!

FREELANCE ARTISTS: :new: I am working with professional concept artist, Sailor Moon fan and SailorX user since v2: Miranda Rose Crowell on the first SailorXv4 artset and for now that's all I can afford (through a soon to be launched crowdfunding campaign. Details to follow soon!). I will keep this listing alive though for volunteer artists and possible future additional artsets:

 I need non-coloured artwork. You could either draw everything or at least the following (then I would draw the rest):
  • one base body with multiple arm/hand poses that altogether allow for an empty hand, a magical attack, holding staff/wand. So the initial pose would have to be selected with that in mind.
  • multiple facial expressions: eyes (~10 styles), brows (~3 styles) and lips (~5-10 styles)
  • basic Sailor Soldier outfit
  • mix and matchable skirts:
    • single/double/ triple layer
    • standard V-shape /Sailor V straight cut
    • Cosmos style
  • lots of hair styles:
    • straight/wavy/curly
    • 7 lengths
    • aspects like fringe, pigtails, odangos, ponytails, braids and top hair separate from back and front hair and therefore mix and matchable. (Easier than it sounds. I've already done this so you wouldn't have to figure it out yourself.)
To get an idea of what the full commission would entail please download and check out my application SailorXv3. But if you know Sailor Moon then you should have an idea. The artwork would be completed in stages to allow for life and other work! I want this to be fun process for everyone involved! ^^
  • Additionally,...
    • all aspects have to be supplied in one PSD (or Photoshop compatible) file on separate layers, OR each in their own file with specific naming conventions
    • Individual files have to be one of the following formats:
      • transparent PNGs with light grey lineart and white fill (either clean or sketch style)
      • SVGs with named sub-paths for the shadows. Offsets for each item need to be supplied.
    • all files must have the same dimensions OR offsets must be supplied.
    • aspects have to be mix & matchable (where it makes sense). EXAMPLE: Sailor Neptune's hair style could consist of 
      1. top hair parting in the middle
      2. wavy long or medium length back hair
      3. wavy medium or short length front hair
      4. wavy fringe parting in the middle
Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  If you're interested in this commission please send me a note with any questions and a ROUGH estimate of how much you'd like to get paid for the full (you draw everything) or minimal (you just draw the aspects listed above) option and a sample of the quality/style you would supply. I will collect all offers and likely get feedback from users of SailorX to vote on which offer(s) I should accept. Multiple versions are a possibility. Depending on my budget a fundraising campaign may follow.

WANT YOUR OWN GENERATOR? You are welcome to supply your own (or commissioned with permission for this type of use) artwork (doesn't have to be professional or Sailor Moon related) following the requirements listed under "Additionally,...". I will create a generator with it. It may take a while. For now just let me know (note or comment below) if you're interested and I'll start a list. I'll contact you with further information as soon as I have written up a guide for what you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your generator.

:new: STILL WANNA HELP? Even if you can't draw or program you can still help with testing and spreading the word. I consider all of the SailorXv3 followers to be testers and word-spreaders in a way, but if you contact me about wanting to do it actively I'll add you to the list and contact you personally with any updates. You will likely get access to anything that's finished before the broad majority will. Meaning if you say you want to test, expect to find bugs! ^^

NOMINATIONS! The following artists are people I would love to work with for SailorXv4. (Just my first out-of-the-top-of-my-head choices. More will follow.) If you know of someone whose art you'd like to see in SailorXv4 or another Character Concept Generator please let me know and I'll add them to the list!
:iconann4rt: :iconfireflea-san: :icontholia-art:

Katieline - quality control
Iggwilv - item lineart
CrystalSetsuna - brooch generator, PR ;)
Ellyanna - R&D (research and development)
neko-rayne85 - misc
THEOLAS - testing, brainstorming


- Aeryn
Hey all! :wave:

Just want to reassure you that even if you can't see it stuff is still happening! I am not drawing right now, but researching, learning and planning for the new incarnation of the generator, as well as the community website. New and better suited technology that will be worth the wait.


UPDATE: Thank you VERY much for all your kind words. SailorX is alive!!! :D
After SailorXv3.18 I am going to take a little time to recharge my batteries by not promising any updates any time soon. I've learned a lot about programming these past few years and I will use this time to make a few improvements in the code that I've been meaning to do and that will make working on SailorXv3 fun again. So you won't see many updates throughout the summer, but it'll be worth the wait! Lots of love right back atcha!
VIRTUAL GROUP HUG!! :grouphug: 

//////////////////// ORIGINAL POST:
I'm really sorry. I don't normally whine. But I need to today.

I've been working hard on SailorX since 2002. I've been putting all of my spare energy next to full time job/school into SailorX. Drawing and programming. Even put my music on the back burner. At work I sometimes work on the Community (not completely naughty since I am in training as a programmer and I am actually learning something while working on the features). Next week I'm off work and I was thinking nothing but "Time to watch Daredevil and work on SailorX! Maybe finish that big fat hair and glove/spandex update! Homework can wait.".

Then I googled "Sailor Generator" and happily found to immediately follow dolldivine's senshi maker. Cool! (Though *grumble* I've been here longer...)

Then I started surfing a bit, landed on the Facebook page, saw Drachea's big update and the gorgeous beta tester results... and started wondering "What's the point?"

You guys already have everything you need to create your designs. SailorXv3 is just a welcome but incomplete addition.

My 48 likes compared to their 2826...

I get it. While I still think my menu is better they do have way more features by now and that's what counts. And I can't keep up with the features. I've been trying to find help. Years ago I even asked dolldivine to join efforts and Drachea for the art (separately, back when I was still planning SailorXv3) and it never got me anywhere. Haven't found an artist willing to commit to such a big project, even when I offer payment (via crowd funding). At least then I could just focus on the programming and know that the anime style (which I don't enjoy drawing) would reach more Sailor Moon fans...

Maybe I'm just not the networking type.
Maybe I'm asking the wrong people for help.
Maybe SailorXv3 never had a chance because I am targeting anime fans with a realistic style.

As of now the completion of SailorXv3 is uncertain. I fail to see the reward for all the time and effort I have put into this. 
I won't stop completely. Not right away. I do want to finish certain core elements - especially certain hairstyles and items. But I no longer feel the itch to release a new update every week or two. And I no longer feel the excitement to finish SailorXv3 in time for an international release of Sailor Moon Crystal on TV (which was my initial timing goal).

What would ignite that spark again would be... a larger fan base. Seeing people talk about SailorXv3 enthusiastically. And maybe someone else taking over either the art, the programming or the development of the SailorX community (website for uploading senshi designs, swap SailorX setting files (a planned feature for character presets, which are currently all stored in one file, as well as fuku settings), create senshi profiles, link them to fanfiction and roleplaying games, a forum to run such roleplaying games... That's what the SailorXv3 (and v4) experience was going to be.

And since I have already tried everything to drum up more enthusiasm for SailorXv3 - and failed at it - it is now officially


Since most of you seem to be interested I figured I might as well kick this into high gear. :boogie:

This is what I have in mind:
  • You would go to and there you'd sign up for a user account.
  • You would then have the option to fill up your profile with optional basic info about yourself. User photo. A little bio. The usual. 
  • You could upload pictures of your otaku senshi created with SailorXv3 - no other pictures allowed at first because I'd enable you to upload your senshi info in one swoop with a file generated by SailorXv3. Eventually I'd allow fanarts, too. Which could then be linked to artist profiles on dA and (long term plan. Need to expand first).
  • On your profile would be a list of your otaku senshi with a preview and a link to that senshi's info page. You could give stats, attacks, her story and all forms and pictures of her would be collected here (as well as a general "all senshi" kind of gallery on your profile).
  • You could share colour sets and fuku presets.
  • You would be able to leave comments on other user's designs (if the poster didn't disable them) and exchange private messages.
  • And I suppose in the style of a Facebook page you could start roleplaying games or fanart contest.. oh boy... the IDEAS!!!
OK, so I think I now know what I want to do with It will be a NETWORK of Sailor Moon Fanartists of any skill level. ( is only for almost and fully professional artists and by invitation only. I'll be adding Marco Albiero today... :w00t:)

BIG PLANS!! It WILL happen. Just... a matter of time. ^^; :faint:
[Introduction]  |  [SailorXv3 website]  |  [SailorXv2 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions]

I don't have many rules so please read them carefully. 
  1. If you add the image to an online gallery I'd greatly appreciate a link back to my profile and/or website: SailorXGenerator , SailorXv3 ,
  2. If you change/edit anything on the final picture and display it online make sure you tell your viewers/visitors what exactly you changed. It may not be the nicest thing to say but there are some edits out there that I don't like and I wouldn't want anyone to think that I did them. On the other hand I wouldn't want to take credit for some of the amazing edits out there!
  • Please read the FAQ before contacting me: SailorXv2 FAQ, FAQ on for SailorXv3.
  • Be specific when you do contact me with questions on how to solve your problem. Asking me "How do I use SailorX?" or "How do I get this to work?" doesn't help me help you. Read the FAQ, then try it for yourself and then tell me EXACTLY where you get stuck, like "I downloaded and installed the UltraKiSS viewer, then downloaded your SailorXv2 doll, tried to open it and then got following error message: " etc.
  • Please do not contact me about SailorX on any of my other accounts. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but sometimes I'm just busy and need a little space from SailorX. Me not checking this account for a while doesn't mean I have forgotten.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING!! Much appreciated! :worship:
Please join the group and submit your creations!
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Active SailorX users I know of: :hug:

:iconangelmoonce:  :iconaoichan1: :iconbluerose-dragon: :iconjennywildcat: :iconkyajaganshi: :iconsailormoon05: :iconthaiassa: :iconthe-sweet: :iconsapphirerain: :iconmissylissy90: :iconkira-jacqueline: :iconcapricorn20: :iconskullsandheartbones: :iconsailor-aurora: :icondarkchyldeone: :iconmaverickdarkred: :iconeternalsailorpisces: :icongacktjobnomiko: :iconellyanna: :iconfatefullykinetic: :iconuniverse-senshis: :iconlozgoddessnayru: :icontally-cat: :iconlithium143: :iconsailor-cassiopeia: :icont-awh-mi: :iconpuff222001: :iconplueschbabycd: :iconstarlightxdreamer: :iconfelicia-angel: :iconsailorspira: :iconmimineko828: :iconkemosiri: :iconkasumishino: :iconkatieline:

I will consider you an Active SailorX user if you submit new Sailor Soldiers on a somewhat regular basis (weekly? bi-monthly?). You find joy in creating more and more new senshi all the time. If you think that's you then feel free to let me know and I'll add you! Minimum SailorXv2 submissions: 5 :)

On another note, if you create senshi regularly then I will WANT to watch you, but if you submit 10 other things in between your SailorX submissions I might unwatch you. It's nothing personal, but I watch so many people that it's a blessing to have less unrelated deviations in my inbox. ^^;
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My name is Aeryn Martin, though I go by AerynDiana here on dA and I created the Sailor Generators called SailorXbasic, SailorXv2 and SailorXv3.

The first two versions are both Kisekae (Info at sets that allow you to create an image of your Otaku Senshi (Otaku=Fan, Senshi=Warrior) based on the manga and anime series Sailormoon. SailorXv3 is the curent version and a standalone java program.

To download SailorX please visit my website:
And before asking questions, please read the FAQ on the website.
Watch this account or the group for updates in the shape of deviations!

Here is the group: :iconsailorxgenerator:

If you upload your creations to DeviantART please always add a link to this profile and let me know via note (if I'm not watching you already). Then I can add them to my favourites and add you to my watch list! :boogie:

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I've been in a full time acting course since September last year and I am currently also working full time... so needless to say I don't have time to work on SailorX right now. But things are in the pipeline, thanks to a few submissions I got and also because I do still want to work on SailorX. I MISS IT!

My course is over in December and hopefully my immigration papers will be done by then, too, so I'll have more time to spare in 2010. YAY! :boogie:
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Hey everyone!

As I mentioned in my last journal entry I won't have much time to work on SailorX in the near future. But I've been getting so many offers for help that I thought I should start taking submissions!

I have uploaded a new version of SailorXv2…, which has nothing new to play with, but a new page called "decorations". I'm making room for more STUFF! :D

I will try to rework the hair menu in the near future so that it will be easier for me to add new hairstyles.

  1. Permissions: Submit only what you yourself have drawn. If you use somebody else's brushes follow their rules (yes I can add them to the credits list, too).
    You must be okay with me possibly editing your submission to match the existing style and requirements for palette swapping.
  2. Outlines or Shading: You are welcome to just send outlines or shade the whole thing yourself.
  3. When shading yourself you must use only one hue, ideally grey. If you can keep it within 15 shades of that hue then even better! If you use more shades I will need to reduce them, which is okay.
  4. Format: The piece has to have sharp edges. No anti-aliasing (feathered outlines)
  5. Files: Please send those files in either gif, png or bmp (Preference in that order). Contact details:…
  6. Acceptance: I will not accept everything. If I feel that the submission is not good enough (sorry to be so blunt) then I will either try to fix it or simply not include it. Also, if I receive multiple submissions for the same thing obviously the best one will get accepted. The rest won't. Once I accept a submission I will keep a list here in the journal.
  7. Credit: I will include your dA username in the opening credits.
  8. Response time: I will of course respond to you asap, but I don't commit to adding your submission immediately. I will do my best of course but I do have other priorities in my life. ;) Also, the more I need to work on your submission to match it in style and technical requirements the longer it will of course take me to add it to SailorX.

Here is what I want to see most urgently. I will keep this updated so check back from time to time!
  • New Skirts! I realised recently that the center of the current skirts (the lowest point of the "v" below the belly button) is not in the middle. As a result any suit decorations I come up with don't look right.
    Please only submit a skirt if you are willing to draw all three of them! Submit only one to start with though, to check whether I'm happy with it.
  • Hair styles: Everybody's favourite! Only work on this if you can keep my current style. Ideal examples of drawing styles for the hair:…… Alternatively just supply outlines. I also like it when the hair blows in the wind! But please keep the same wind direction.
    Also, please supply front hair (all the hair that covers the face, or falls down on her body) and back hair (everything that goes behind her) separately!
  • Anything that's currently greyed out: They are things that will be technically easy for me to add. And all those gaps in the menu aren't very pretty anyway! ;)
Let's be creative and HAVE FUN! :boogie:
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Hey everyone!

Recently I've been getting quite a few emails asking when I'll be updating again. Sadly I honestly don't know. I'm an artist and I do whatever I feel like doing at the time I'm doing it.

But time is very limited at the moment so I'm having to focus my energies on the things that really matter in my life right now: I will be moving to Canada from Germany in just over three weeks time (August 22nd) so needless to say... I got lots of stuff to do!

Also I am very busy with artwork for comics. You can see what I'm up to on my personal account: AerynDiana

I hope there will be updates to SailorX this year but no promises. And they will probably be smaller updates so you guys and girls waiting for curly hair will most certainly have to wait til next year. I'm going to Vancouver for a 1-year-full-time acting course that will keep me busy for a while!

In the mean time feel free to reply to this journal entry with suggestions! That way I can keep track of them when I'm in need for inspiration! (Please no suggestions for hair - I've got it all covered. Trust me. ;) )
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Hey everyone! I just uploaded a new version of SailorXv2.08! I reduced the size of the palette buttons and changed the look of some of the menus overall to make it all a bit tighter. That allowed me to reduce the playfield size! People with a screen resolution of 1024x768 should now be able to see the changes happening as they click the buttons! There is still a bit of side scrolling going on but I won't reduce that any further. This will have to do for a compromise. Also: The 2 parts of the eternal belt and bow are now colorable separately and the remaining 5 skin colors are back!
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I will stop updating SailorXv2.07 and instead I will create an additional version of SailorXv2.08 that will fit a screen resolution with a width of 1024px. In time for this announcement I have added the colors in columns 7, 19 and 23 to SailorXv2.08 - This means that there are now bright and pastel shades in all intensities except for the lightest and darkest shades: they will be next (columns 3 and 27).

I believe I have all colors covered, but if you want a specific color and actually can't find it in v2.08 please let me know and I will prioritise adding it!

I really can't see a reason why anyone would now prefer v2.07 (except for the width problem some have, which I have addressed already). If you are experiencing problems other than that with v2.08, meaning that only the lightest shades appear to work, then please delete your version of UltraKiSS and download it again from That will solve the problem! Trust me. And ignore the version number!! That didn't change despite an important bug fix in January.
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I would like to speed up the process of developing SailorXv2 and updating both v2.07 and v2.08 is  really slowing me down. So my question is:

Do you even still use v2.07? (I don't.) Would it affect you very much if I stopped working on v2.07 and focused on v2.08? Knowing that I only have one doll to update with a new hairstyle would motivate me considerably. ^_^

Please let me know by sending me a note or by emailing me through my website:
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Yep! It has happened! Much sooner than I anticipated just a month ago! If you go to my website you can download a preview of the new SailorX with a menu of over 750 fixed colors!!

Make sure to let me know what you think of those colors - not all of them are finished (only the brightest colors), but all future colors will be based on them!

EDIT: Please make sure you have the latest version of UltraKiSS installed! There was an update in January that you will need to make the menu function properly!
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While working on SailorXv2.08 I realised I am running out of space! So I need your help! Please send me a screenshot while you're using SailorXv2 full screen via email (note me for my email address or go via my website THANK YOU!

In other news: I'll soon be releasing a functional beta of SailorXv2.08! Previews illustrating the changes from v2.07 coming even sooner! Watch this space! ^_^

Also: I just added a new background feature - a swirly glow effect! Hooray!
And I have updated the image of Venus with her eternal fuku.
My name is AerynDiana and I created the Sailor Generators called SailorXbasic and SailorXv2.

They are both Kisekae (Info at sets that allow you to create an image of your Otaku Senshi (Otaku=Fan, Senshi=Warrior) based on the manga and anime series Sailormoon.

SailorXbasic was my first ever kisekae set and as such... flawed. Though fun! With SailorXv2 I am trying to do everything right!

To download SailorX please visit my website:
Watch this account for updates in the shape of deviations!

If you upload your creations to DeviantART please let me know (preferably by note cause I don't get notified of comments on the main profile page). Then I can add them to my favourites! :)