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SailorXv3.21 - RELEASED

By SailorXv3
[EDIT: For the newest releases please visit this folder:…]

It's time! You can hop on over to and download SailorXv3.21!
You need to place the SailorXv3 folder into the modules folder of the EMCCV Prototype.

The tube top and well as the previously shown shirt top are included, as well as a few layering issues fixed. (There are more, I know. But hopefully you won't find them too soon. ^^;)

The new and much improved EMCCV Prototype v3 is also available for download! Separate deviation coming up with tool instructions.

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I'm unable to change or select any of the hair options
No, I have plenty of screen space.
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Do you possibly not have enough screen space for all the options? That's when it happens I think...
I'll post a fixed release tomorrow. ;)
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Having a bit of a problem with this one. It keeps glitching out on me. I can click on one option and then go to select on something else and it suddenly stops working. Nothing registers as being clicked and such. I tried uninstalling and then re-downloading and re-adding the files but it's not working. :/ 
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I'm guessing you didn't have enough screen space for all the options. That's when it happens. Fix is coming tomorrow!
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Ah yeah, I did notice that it tended to happen when the options went off screen and the scolling bar appeared. Good to know it wasn't just me being dumb and doing something wrong. ^^; 
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Sometimes I find I can no longer add/delete/change the color of any of the aspects in a particular tab. It seems to happen quite randomly, mostly to the fuku tab.
EDIT: I fiddled around a bit more, and what's happening is that when the text goes off the screen(and the scroll bars appears), I can no longer click on anything other than the tabs and the scroll bars.
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oh! Interesting! I will fix that soon! thank you!! 
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I can't download the EMCCV for Mac. It give me a 404 when I click on the link.

EDIT: I managed to figure out what the problem was and download it. The link links to (www.) when it should link to (www.)
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Oh! Oops! Thank you! Will fix!
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There is no module folder in EMCCV, there are only data, java, lib, source folders & the execute file.
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Apologies for the confusion. Just create the modules folder please. ^^;
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