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SailorXv3.18 LAUNCHED

By SailorXv3
[EDIT: This is old. For the newest releases please visit this folder:…]

The new beta of SailorXv3.18 is AVAILABLE NOW! 
You can download the program at

NEW transparent front bow
NEW transparent front bow ties
NEW barrettes with optional feathers (separately colourable)

And since I am a little rusty I already noticed a few minor mistakes:
Windows: FULLSCREEN version most likely does not fill the entire screen with its content. If this bugs you let me know and I'll fix it. (Just don't want to if nobody uses it.)
Mac: The Super Princess preset only sets the barrettes, but not the feathers to visible. (Will fix with next update.)

I know this is not major, but of course I've been working on a complete revamp of the program that is SailorXv3, alongside development of the EMCCV. :squee:
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I had a problem with the fullscreen version, so I deleted it and got the windowed version instead.  It's no big deal, but as you mentioned it specifically...  I've also had problems with responsiveness; sometimes I have to click several times on things before it seems to do anything.  I've checked it wasn't my mouse by checking with other applications.  It's manageable but occasionally frustrating.  OK, minor niggles done!  

I am so happy to have found Sailor X!  It has eaten countless hours of my time.  What are the rules for posting anything I draw with it.  I don't know anything about legalities and such, being new to doll-making; can I post what I come up with here on DA, for example?  
SailorXv3's avatar
ABSOLUTELY! Please DO!! I'll love you forever!! :tighthug:

Ahem. ^^

Alright, "rules":
1) when posting your images please use the export image feature (top right corner menu), which will save the image in full resolution into a folder called "senshi" within the application folder.
2) if you edit anything please say what you edited in the description
3) a link back to my profile is optional, but much appreciated. That way I get notified and can look at your creations and your visitors can find SailorX more easily. :happybounce:
4) you are welcome to add your deviation to the group! If you don't, I probably will. ^^

Here is the group: :iconsailorxgenerator:

THANK YOU for the feedback! The clickable thing is something I am aware of and fixing in the upcoming EMCCV release during the holidays. :boogie:
THEOLAS's avatar
cool happy to see this
SailorXv3's avatar
YAY! Me, too! Can't wait to make updates more frequently again! The winter season has officially begun. :D :boogie:
Plueschbabycd's avatar
had should  read better, than I had know that FULLSCREEN had this bug. :) Perhasps I should  till even other bugs are fixed  in next Version. :)
SailorXv3's avatar
Up to you. You won't have to wait for the next beta all too long.

But UNDERSTOOD! Will fix the fullscreen version within the next couple of days (weekend at the latest)!
Plueschbabycd's avatar
normally I use not beta. I think found other bug If change all with a more than ten times  program seam freeze. :)
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All releases of SailorXv3 have been beta. In my mind at least. I will only stop calling the releases beta when interface works perfectly. And it is far from perfect right now. That is because I started writing it when I was still very new to programming. That's why I am rewriting it right now. I hope to have a release ready by the end of this year! :boogie:
Plueschbabycd's avatar
I should put the :) behind it. I  think as far I found it really stability. I could not do it. 
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Ooh, awesome! Transparent front bows are pretty cool!
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
cool!! eeeee, finally BARRETTES!! i had thought the pearls were going to be touching though?*quizzical*
SailorXv3's avatar
Yes, next version, which will come very soon! Gotta fix those errors I already found after all. :D
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
ohhhh!! ok i finally caught up, i get it XD

also something i've noticed. i tried using the "export character" option, but nothing happened. i searched through the folders and couldn't find anything with the name i put for the character or anything that seemed new. possible glitch maybe?

EDIT: nope, i found it! it was buried in the otaku list...without a scrolling feature or something,the only way i could reach it was to delete some of the otakus already on the list.
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Ah yes! I forgot about that. I don't think I'll fix that in this SailorXv3, because it might be too much work.
I am close to finishing a EMCCV prototype with SailorXv3 (this year maybe?), which will solve the entire thing anyway. But I'll look into it and consider the options! Until then I recommend simply keeping a copy of the senshiotaku file and swapping them out depending on which senshi you want to work on.
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
well i actually just ended up deleting the whole otaku list...^^0 figured i may as well fill it up with my own otakus since i wouldn't really want to mess with "your" otakus. XD
SailorXv3's avatar
OH! lol, yeah. Sorry, forgot my list has grown so large... I only leave them in there as a sort of source of inspiration for beginners. I thought your OWN list was that long, too! ^^
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
nope, right now i only have my one otaku on the list. XD i'll probably build it up gradually.
chibialvin's avatar
just curious - will EMCCV be free to use, or do you have to pay for it?
SailorXv3's avatar
Of course it will be free! :)

there will be content exclusively available to premium members of the EMCCV website, but membership will probably start at $1 per month and SailorX will always be freely available to all.

how does that sound?
chibialvin's avatar
Well, I hope the exclusive content isn't that much - I have absolutely no idea how to pay for stuff on the computer. I haven't used money for anything on devientART, and I still can't figure out how everyone gets points. Although I do enjoy SailorX
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay Sailor Moon Emoticon: Neo Queen Serenity Sailor Moon Emoticon: Neo Queen Serenity Sailor Moon Emoticon: Neo Queen Serenity 
SailorXv3's avatar
Any luck with it yet? :please:
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Wait.  Wasn't the next version gonna be in EMCCV instead, or did I misunderstand you?
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