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SailorXv3.15 - Sailor Theta

By SailorXv3
Just having some fun with Sailor Theta by Madwon. Hope you like her! Wasn't sure which eyes to pick because the reference pictures I saw were all pretty friendly and yet I got a warrior vibe from that girl! ^^
Also wasn't sure about her element, so I picked the obvious. ^^

Aaanyway, just to say the next update of SailorXv3 will contain new features again. High priority are gloves and stockings, but they are also tedious to draw! ^^; I aim to create something this weekend. Just had to prepare for a big exam, which is tomorrow. Then I'll be free again to draw something new. :boogie:
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Ooh, gloves! :D Is that just new ones, or does it include a redraw of the edge so the ribbon band doesn't show under single rings?
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Uh... yeah, that, too. Eventually. ^^;

Not sure yet. I dread redrawing them. But I will have to anyway to remove the anti-aliasing problem. And I want fingerless gloves etc. The latter is what I was really referring to. ^^
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Eventually is a perfectly fine answer! It's your project, always go at your pace. :D (I just wanted to be sure you were aware of it)

FINGERLESS OOH SWEET. Something new to look forward to!
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Awesome!  So, Will we get another progress update this weekend?  Also, Best of luck on your exams, Aeryn! 
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Thank you very much! :hug:

I always post progress updates if I have finished implementing something. But I don't plan ahead. It just happens. ;)
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ACEO #39 - Madwon - Theta by SailorAlcyone
Yeah. You're correct. She is certainly a warrior class Senshi.
Her element can also be seen as fire as well.
Sailor Theta is the Senshi of Fury. Her powers consist of sound and percussion. Her scream, punches & kicks, and stomps cause different types of percussion effects depending how furious she is.
Thanks for this !! Theta enjoys the love !! :D
Best of luck on those exams!
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Heh! Yeah, that's the image I used to justify the warrior eyes. :D
And THANK YOU! :thanks:
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Good luck on the exams!
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Best of luck and love on your exams tomorrow sweetie. *Hugs for good luck*
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THANK YOUUUU!!!! :tighthug:
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