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SailorXv3.13 - Super Sailor Callisto

By SailorXv3
Again, having fun with other people's creations. This time featuring Super Sailor Callisto by LegendofHearts. Hope you like it! ^^

Super Sailor Callisto by LegendofHearts
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This is the best random surprise EVER!! :squee:

She's so pretty, I love it! Especially the shoes; in my head they were ballerina flats but I love that you did flat heels! It's like a half-way point between my original idea and the SM canon stilettos. If I ever get the hang of drawing (especially a Sailor Scout outfit), I'm making note that the shoes are flat heels! :D
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Haha! Awesome!! And you're making me think I need to add some actual high heels to SailorXv3. :giggle: I already received the request for completely no-heels, which I do want to add, too.

Anyway, yay! Glad you like her! :hug:
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Haha, good luck to you on it! Especially when there's like so many different heights.

It's so awesome, thank you again~! :tighthug: