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SailorXv20 - LAUNCHED

By SailorXv3
[EDIT: This is old. For the newest releases please visit this folder:…]

EDIT: Separate downloads (EMCCV and SailorXv3.20) available now for Win64 on!
If you need separate downloads for Win32 or Mac let me know! As of next release separate downloads will be available for all!

This update is mainly to get those missing aspects to you:
RETURNED: Forehead symbols (FACE tab), can now be combined with
NEW: plain TIARA
NEW: medium and long COLLAR (also in transparent)
RETURNED: transparent back bow
NEW: opaque super princess back bow
FIXED: fist issues
NEW: ponytail decoration can now be used at your desire and is no longer tied to the ponytail

The hex feature takes a little longer to implement. For the meantime I added a palette of pure colours - that should make it more convenient for you to hit those 0s and 255s. ^^

IN OTHER NEWS: I have made it so that the files are now external. Meaning you can start snooping around and modding stuff! :w00t:

Also fixed a few layering issues I discovered while playing. Also working on getting a smooth transition between leotard and sleeves... -.-

You can now download the EMCCV Prototype v2 bundled with SailorXv3.20 from! :boogie:

.:Bullet:. Patreon Please consider supporting the project by becoming a patron:
Arrow left Arrow left Arrow left ALL your contributions count TWICE towards free premium membership for the future EMCCV website! Additionally your contributions serve as a balance that you can spend on sketches and commissions! You get to see WIPs and previews first and in high resolution and your feedback/vote counts extra! All proceeds go towards artwork for the EMCCV!

Arrow left HEX CODES: Yes, I'll add the hex code functionality back in. I just haven't gotten round to it yet. Did you know you can also colour pick in the image? :D (Big Grin)
Arrow left COLOUR CHANGES: Deactivate the colour link to make sure you only change the one item you're working on.
Arrow left FULL SCREEN: Once you've made the program full screen just click anywhere and the display should normalize again. I have not found a way to do this automatically and since this is only the prototype I choose not to spend more time on that. The final EMCCV will support resize, zoom, move and much more! :) (Smile)
Arrow left DELETE ENTITIES: Yes, I haven't finished the delete feature. It will follow soon! Until then you can delete the files manually. Each thumbnail displays the name of the entity you saved. Go into the SailorXv3_entities folder and delete both files (txt and png) that have that name. Done.
Arrow left LIST TOO LONG: When the item list gets too long you should have a wide mid-grey bar at the very bottom. Click on it. It scrolls the content! (Forgot to add an arrow to it... will fix!)
Arrow left RANDOMIZATION: Working on it!
Arrow left BELT WITH DRESS: Working on making it optional again!
Arrow left LOAD TOOL IN FULL SCREEN: working on it!
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JediSenshi's avatar
I remember in the old 2.10 version that 5 of preselected colours had a metallic finish/effect
Colour palette here;…
How it looked when I used it;…
Will you be adding an element that allows us to select for a metallic look if we wish? I really like it.
SailorXv3's avatar
Yes, you'll get that effect back! :nod:
The effect is the result of simply increasing the contrast. Not sure yet whether I'll allow you to increase the contrast of any item or whether I'll let you define "metallic colours" by including contrast setting within a color, but at least one way or the other you will have that option again. Just need to figure out how to do it and whether it's worth me putting the time into it to include it in the prototype, or whether to just leave it to the full version of the EMCCV. It'll be a while though. -.-
JediSenshi's avatar
Thanks for the info & whatever works best for you.
Katieline's avatar

The pigtails and loops and odangos not being visible unless a pigtail hair top is selected is a bit confusing. The ponytail still appears even when the top isn't tied back, after all. JavaXv3 forced a pigtail top when you picked a pigtail; I think that worked better.

(okay okay i admit it i spent five minutes trying to find the pigtails and am feeling kind of dumb now, guilty as chaaaaarged)

I noticed a bunch of extraneous Mac files scattered around in the bundled Windows download, the DSSTORE and ._ things. Also there's an halfway-done PSD for the opaque super princess.

Actually both parts of that one look a bit like they were maybe exported without removing the transparent ones from behind? It's most obvious with the brightness of the edges and at the top of the ties where there's some transparent fluff. Nothing particularly bad, just rather odd.

Is there a way to stop the options gear from automatically making things visible when clicked?

Would it be possible to get a "transparent" option for the full background? I know we can turn it off completely, but that disables all the other cool stuff. :C

Will the 6 and 8 pointed star brooches get a part 2 someday? (Also did I ever thank you for adding those brooch borders? Because if not THANK YOU)

Double gradient fun is no longer possible because turning off the skirt now also turns off the gradient! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo D:

Where did Neptune and Venus's shoes go? Did the Part 2 for pumps vanish? I see the files are still there, perhaps an oversight?

Ear rings or earrings?

...clearly I need to resurrect my betastuff.


SailorXv3's avatar
HOLY COW once again an awesome list! Glad you're back!! :w00t:
1) Not sure making the pigtails available to all hairtops would be an improvement... I think pigtails with any other hairtop always look weird. No?
2) Mac files - check. Won't be there in the future. Was an accident because they are not visible to me on my Mac.
3) PSD file - WHOA! Didn't realize!! 
4) Options gear: I don't think that would be an improvement. I'd hate to always have to click the checkbox AND the cog. Normally, when I'm interested in the styles, then I want to see the item, too. SO it is a matter of covering the most common use case. Answer: Yes, in the future via a settings menu.
5) Don't really like the background features being cut off at an invisible edge. But might offer a frame with no background... That way at least there is ... a frame. ^^;
6) 6 & 8 pointed star border - YES. Especially now that you reminded me about those. ^^
7) Double gradient - fill fix!
8) Neptune & Venus - totally forgot! You're the first to mention it. ;)
9) earrings!

Katieline's avatar
1) Oh oops! I didn't mean to suggest that pigtails be usable with all tops, just that the option be somehow visible when a non-pigtail top is selected. Whether that's a note somewhere, or an unselectable "Pigtails" checkbox or what, just a bit of a clue. They're somewhat hard to find if you don't know they're there or how to access them, which could be a problem for new users.

(related BUG :bug:: all the right pigtails are parented to Tophair 00/01 instead of 00/02; the right loops and odangos are fine)

4) Makes sense.

5) Oh yeah, I see what you're saying. Something like this? Presumably with the frame layering over the other elements instead of under.

6) I forgot to check the data folder before I left the comment (whoopsie), and they do have borders there, they just can't be activated. They even appear to be parented in the config, unlike the pumps P2 and P3 which are merely absent. Weird.

**(Please note my entire knowledge of XML comes from staring at the Xv3 config for 20 minutes, so I may be entirely incorrect.)

7) YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::squee: (no but seriously that is one of my all-time favorite features of Xv3)

OH LOOK MORE STUFF. Hopefully quick things...

A) :? Is there an official intended way to exit the color picker other than clicking a tab? Not an issue in any way, I'm just curious.

B) :? Is there currently a way to clear the cache or is it just restart?

C) :? What is the fifth icon (next to the color link) and what does it do?

D) :pencil: In the interest of intuitiveness and ease of use, I would humbly suggest labeling the hand pose and the body/arm/leg stuff as our left and right rather than the doll's, so it matches the hair. (and so it's less mindwarping)

E) :bug: Some of the import stuff stuck around when I left the import interface.

F) :bug: Leotard seams show over the skirt of the dress suit.

G) :la: I LOVE having a bank of pure colors in the color picker, can we keep them forever? Pretty please?

Note of rejoicing: :squee: OMT I CAN FINALLY USE MY LONG DRESS SUITS YESSSSSSSSSSSS, now I just have to mod that config to unparent the skirt gradients so I can use them to make the double! Or else mod in a Part 3 for the dress...which may actually be a better choice because it avoids having to replace skirt gradients... *stares very hard at XML*

I've had them kicking around for a year and half, but couldn't use them because they were too long and either got cut off or squished. But thanks to the new positioning system, I can use them now! :la:

(please tell me when I get annoying)
SailorXv3's avatar
Wooooow, been having lots of problems with dA lately... :grumble: 

1) The collapse tool (last one) does exactly that! ^^
1b) Eeek! Will check!
6) Will check!
A) Not yet. ^^;
B) Not yet. :rofl:
C) That's the collapse tool! Try it out while you're on the hair tab! ^^
D) Eek! Didn't mean to mix it up at all... Bugger. Will look into it. Changing it will mean that people will have their saved results switched that way... but better now than later. -.-
E) yeeeeaaaaaah. I'm aware. Will fix. 
F) Eeek! Noooo! Will fix. Thought I had fixed that, but I guess I broke it again. ^^;
G) YES. :D

HAHA! Yes, I'm planning a second gradient for the skirts anyway so you could wait for that OR of course remove the parent attribute altogether, which won't break anything. it'll just leave the responsibility of combining what belongs together yourself. ;)

NOT AT ALL ANNOYING!! So cool!! THANK YOU! :tighthug:

Happy modding!

And if you want a little more instruction you can read it up on my new emccv website at… - It is not launched yet (still need to add images. Ignore those weird Latin tabs. ^^), but since you're already going at it... ;)
Katieline's avatar
You know me. =p Sailor X! Gotta mod 'em all!

Ah! I must have been clicking the collapse in a tab where everything was already expanded.

Perhaps a different seam file for the dress? (E.G.) Or split the seams into top and bottom? Or both?

The hair decoration is currently titled "top right", is that correct?

Time to hash out the coding for my stuff so I can add options instead of replacing files...and now I am intensely curious about "extensions" and "modifications". XD

When the clear-cache exists, will that just be images or will it reload the config too?

SailorXv3's avatar
HAH! :hug:

Yep, I'll split the leotard seams. And using the top skirt seam as a leotard seam makes perfect sense! Hadn't thought of that! Thank you! :thanks:
Hair decoration title: fixed. ^^

Clear Cache: It will reload both. Right now I'm not sure I can keep all the current settings though. It would basically be a complete reset and I don't really want that. So I'm still looking for the right algorithm to use.
THEOLAS's avatar
For me on windows 10 EMCCV alone wont run
SailorXv3's avatar
Did you first put the SailorXv3 folder into the module folder?
THEOLAS's avatar
ah didn't if that what i did wrong not very clear on the instructions
SailorXv3's avatar
Yes, I apologize for that. I now made those instructions more visible on the download page. ;)
THEOLAS's avatar
np just my job is to test
BCPrincessMLP's avatar
I found a bug(I think). The shoulders on the "Arms" tab layer over the shoulder pads.
SailorXv3's avatar
FIXED! Thank you!! Hadn't noticed that one! ^^
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
definitely loving the new options! and getting more familiar with the layout. one thing you might wanna add though!

1. a way to link together specific items. it's a bit exhausting to decide "oh i wanna change the top part of her hair color!" then have to change one odango...then the other...then the top of the hair...then the fringe...then the left pigtail...then the right pigtail. and unfortunately the link option some how links it with parts of the fuku, which kinda worked for me, but would be really bad if it was one color that became another. dunno if it's just a case of "oh, this is THIS color..let's change them both!" so yeah. being able to choose what is linked would be good.

anyway here's a random moon senshi i made!…
SailorXv3's avatar
I never run into that problem because I just make sure that the hair has its own colour, even if it is off by just one on brightness or something. But I hear ya and I do have that feature planned. ;)
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
i suppose that would be fixed once we get randomization for specific items again...i found myself super missing that as i tried creating my moon girl. so i had to be unoriginal and pick colors. but would still be glad to select what's linked, or have certain things just automatically linked in the background!
Katieline's avatar
Is there a way to download EMCCV and Xv3 separately and install the module manually? I mean I don't know how it all works, it's entirely possible they have to go together. It's just that 100mb is a lot, and my network keeps hiccuping and killing the download. X(
SailorXv3's avatar
Oh no!
Well, not right now, but I can prepare it for you later today.

In the future I'll just be posting the Xv3 files I changed, which you'll have to place in the appropriate folder. More about that later. ;)
chibialvin's avatar
just a suggestion, but how about a rainbow gradient option?
SailorXv3's avatar
Yep! Sounds good! Will look into it! :)
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