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Sailor Earth - by Crystal

By SailorXv3
I came across a commission for this character and figured: Gotta recreate her! 

This is Sailor Earth as created by xCrystal-Phoenix. I hope you like her! 

Created with SailorXv3.25.

This made me think that I need to add a hair length that is between the current medium and long. And maybe a less flowy long hair, too, cause some characters are just a little calmer than this suggests. ^^ 
Whaddaya think?

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Also you need to put the ponytail braids back. I was making Berthier as a sailor senshi and noticed no ponytail braids anymore.
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oops! Really?? WEIRD!! Will do. :thanks:
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I found it. But it is only the normal ponytail and not the long ponytail.
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Ah yes. I just checked. I remember now. ^^
I was going to make all options available in both ponytails ("ponytail (low)" would then be renamed to "ponytail 2"). But I gotta draw the braids "in motion" first to make that possible. Write A Masterpeice 
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Okay, just checking.
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Less poofy hair would be nice!
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Oh my God, really?! :heart: I love her so freaking much!! Thank you so so so much for the fanart of my Midori :heart: :heart: :heart: I don't even have words. Just thank you!!
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:hug: No one ever does fanart of my OCs xD Just wow. Thank you.
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I only created her in SailorXv3, so it wasn't much work. Just a few clicks. ;)
I was tempted to recreate your Silverion, too, but I realize that SailorXv3 is missing a couple of those details, like the lines on her leotard and the yellow stripes along her front bow. Will look into adding those soon, cause that's easy enough. (SailorXv3 already has the fingerless gloves and the stripe on her skirt. :boogie:) ^^ 
xCrystal-Phoenix's avatar
Haha, it still means a lot even if it's just in that. I appreciate it nontheless.

XD Yeah, Silverion's a wild child :P Thank you, though. I need to start using that program again, that's the one thing I forgot to redownload when I got my new laptop XD I knew I was missing something.
SailorXv3's avatar
oh you've used it?? Cool!! :boogie:

Yeah, I like Silverion. Especially her wild hair. ^^ 
xCrystal-Phoenix's avatar
I've used it a lot in the past. xD It's a brilliant program for when I can't quite decide on appearances for new OCs, etc. other than googling random anime characters for the basic appearance until I can get an actual pic done ha.

:3 Thank you. She has a Beyblade OC verse too with not so wild hair xD But I wanted her to stand out from that verse so wild hair it was!
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