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SXv3.26 - Wavy Pigtails 3XL

By SailorXv3
I announced these a while back, but... here they are!! Wavy pigtails in all lengths coming up!

New release coming up within days! :excited:

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Wow I very much love these wavy pigtails I could definitely see using these for some of my characters. Also Diana I am quite happy to see you back and working on SailorXV3 again I can't wait to see what you do with this and I especially am excited to see what you will do with my request especially the Mistress 9 length of hair if you still wish to do this. Either way welcome back and I am sure I speak for all of your fans that we are all very excited and happy to see you back.
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Thank you very much for the warm words. The oldest fans of SailorX probably know by now that I go through phases. Sometimes life just keeps me distracted, but even if I'm gone for a year or even two, I will always be back. This project will never be finished. ^^
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Of course I understand we all have life stuff we have to deal with so it is perfectly understandable for you to take breaks. Also I was thinking of something recently. I know this will probably not be possible on this current update you are working on but I was wondering. Do you think that someday you could give this dollmaker Sailor Senshi outfits from non Solar Senshi like maybe the Sailor Starlights or even the one I would really like to see Sailor Galaxia? Of course if you have no desire too that is fine I just thought that those would be excellent additions.
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Those are great ideas and definitely on my 2Do-list! I've now also added them to the requests journal entry, which I totally forgot about. Can't wait to get started on some of that stuff soon!! :heart:
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Thank you so much for being willing to do these request ideas. I am incredibly humbled and grateful that you like my ideas Diana.
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Yeeeees all the 3XL hairs!!!!!
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