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SXv3.26 - Sailor... Hurricane

By SailorXv3
Just having some fun creating themed senshi. This time I was initially just trying out the new stars background (hardly visible anymore), that will be coming up in the next SailorXv3 release, so I built the background first, randomized the colours until I got inspired. A stormy otherworldly feel is what I was going for, but the northern lights are in there, too, somewhere. ^^

Another update to the viewer is coming up soon, to be posted at EMCCV over the next couple of days I suspect. :boogie:

Name was suggested by Iggwilv. :thanks:

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Very nicely made! The senshi and the background!^^
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Sailor Hurricane or Sailor Typhoon
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Good. I am so looking forward to the new updates. Sailor Chaos and Sailor Vanth need new fukus. XD