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RELEASED: SailorXv3.24

By SailorXv3
[EDIT: For the newest release please visit this folder:…]


- NEW second color for the updated capes
- NEW skirt bottom gradient
- NEW mask, Tuxedo style
- NEW mask Sailor V style
- NEW heart shaped glasses 

:wave: Katieline and Retroberrii

Arrow left Arrow left Arrow left DOWNLOAD at!

Happy creating!! :w00t:
Earth The EMCCV (Extendable Modular Creative Concept Visualizer) is a new game/design system inspired by the Kisekae Set System, that allows you to generate images of your ideas. You can also create your own dolls!
SailorXv3 is a module (=doll) for the EMCCV and all of it is available for as a FREE download at For more information on SailorXv3 visit

Help this project grow by becoming a patron:
  All proceeds go towards artwork for the EMCCV and there are rewards, too!:) (Smile)
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I am SO excited for this. I downloaded the new version of the viewer (I guess it's been a while? I'm not sure, since the version number in my Get Details for the doesn't match the numbers you have on the site) and the Sailor X module, but I can't get the module to load ;_;

I've either forgotten a fix I've applied in the past, or I'm out of memory and it's not giving me an error, or something...
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Oh no!!! Ok, I've had a couple of people report similar problems. So I hope it's the same one. And I think it is not a programming error on my side but a bug with... whatever. Too much detail. 

You might want to try the bundle. You're on Windows, right? 64 bit? It is here:… (If not let me know.)
It is the previous version (4.6), bundled with SailorXv3, AFH as well as CrystalSetsuna's Brooch Maker. 

I currently have a friend visiting, but once I have my room back I'll look into this. -.-
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I'm on Mac OS High Sierra. I think that's 10.13?
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oh. Ok. I'll try to get a bundle to you asap!
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ALRIGHT! I tried the mac download at home and I only got the grey screen. :faint:
I repackaged the program with an older version of Processing (the system I develop the EMCCV with). And it now works!! 

I've uploaded the repackaged version so you can go ahead and try either the EMCCV Download or the bundle.

(For any windows users reading this: I'll repackage the windows version early next week and post about it!)
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I feel like I must be doing something wrong, or forgetting a vital step. I downloaded both the viewer on its own and the new bundle, kept them in separate folders, and moved them from the iCloud Desktop or my Dropbox Documents folder (where I have a subfolder for dolls), but both of them open to a gray screen. When I make the window bigger, it shows EMCCV, but I can't get any of the modules to load. Am I being impatient? Should I be clicking on a tool? ;_; What am I doing wrong?
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Alright. I tried around. The file actually came back different to how I uploaded it. (Checksum was different.)
I now uploaded it to the stash: 


No Preview

Try that. It's the same bundle. Which browser do you use? Could have something to do with the browser, too, so if this download doesn't work try another browser.
I downloaded this in Firefox and Chrome. I see the grey screen for about 12 seconds and then I see the three modules.

If it has to do with performance then making the attempt after a restart with no other programs running could help, too.

ONE of these should work! :fingerscrossed:
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I don't think you're doing anything wrong. I'm thinking maybe it's the download itself. I'll look into it again, but won't get to it tonight. Maybe it'll help if upload it to my dropbox instead. Definitely worth trying. :nod:
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My FF want not let me on because mean the certificates are wrong.
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Try using another browser? Or just ignore the warning. I created the website myself. I wrote all of the code. I know there is nothing dangerous on there. Guaranteed. ;)
Plueschbabycd's avatar
FF not let me ignore the warning.  I get than over google drive. FF sames  ne now over a bit protective. I must now look I cam make FF less protective.:) 
SailorXv3's avatar
Why don't you just install Chrome? That would probably work. ^^ 
Plueschbabycd's avatar
I have Chrome on it but I was to used to ff. Even  my sartphon and tablet are Android. :)
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Exactly! Android is Google. Chrome is Google as well. I had them synced, when I still had an android phone. ^^
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When I unzipped it, it was the 3.23 one when I downloaded it from Got the 3.24 from google drive.
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Bugger... Should be fixed. Thank you!!
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Yay awesome! I can't wait to download it!
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I hope I'll get to see some of your creations!! :eager: :wink kiss: 
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Hopefully I can get to a computer soon. ^^  Btw, those other modules work in the new updated Emccv?
SailorXv3's avatar
Yes, they all do. The EMCCV updates are always backwards compatible. :wink kiss: 
HeartStorm4ever's avatar
Even the AFHP? Because I couldn't open them in the previous version. 
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Ugh... Another user had the problem of not being able to even see any other modules except for SailorXv3, despite them being in the modules folder. Is that what's happening? In version 4.7?

None of the modules currently truly need 4.7 so you could just stick to 4.6. The only thing you'll miss out on is the transparent footer if you like to export with transparent background.
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That's exactly what happened. I was afraid I had done something wrong. I actually have the 4.5 still. Maybe I should upgrade it.
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