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RELEASED: SailorXv3.23

By SailorXv3
[EDIT: For the newest release please visit this folder:…]

SailorXv3.23 includes new gloves and new glasses!

The transparent options will only work, if you have the EMCCV Prototype v4.3, or above!

DOWNLOAD LINK (Google Drive) for the EMCCV Prototype.
DOWNLOAD LINK (Google Drive) for the SailorXv3 module.

Please let me know whether this works or not! 

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When i open the module, everything looks right except there isn't a senshi. I can select and deselect options, but there is just a grey box where the senshi should be.
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Yeah,... I'm working on it. Windows 64bit, right? -.-
Right. Thanks.
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Fix coming up within a couple of days! :w00t: 
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Ooooh I need this. 
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Shit. I don't know how to download it lol 
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Google Drive will stop working March 12, 2018. Its replacement, Backup and Sync, is available now. Thought you should know.
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WHOA! I had no idea. Thank you!
okay so i downloaded the newer prototype and the newest version of SailorXv3 but i can't get the prototype to open it keeps telling me that it can't open it...Help
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When exactly do you get the message?
When you unzip the EMCCV?
When you try to run the EMCCV?
When you try to open SailorXv3?

Thank you!! ^^
well it now comes up but the EMCCV screen says no modules and i have two downloaded and in the module folder
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Do the folders for the modules have the correct name? The names of the folders have to be "SailorXv3" or "AFH" respectively.
Are you on Windows or Mac?
I'm on Windows running Windows 10 and the file names are the ones u mentioned and are labeled as such
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I have tested it using Windows 10 and it worked like a charm! So the folder structure is as follows? (Just to confirm...)


If so I'll have to prepare a version with more logging during startup. 
That what it comes up as
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New Prototype is out! The process of loading the modules is now logged. Please try the new release and if you can still not see your modules, then please send me the log. ;)
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Ok, I will create a version with more logging. Sadly this will take a bit of time. You'll get it asap. ;)
Well i got it to open but it does not recognize that i have 2 modules also installed the sailor moon one and the AFH one
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Windows Defender won't allow it to run so I had to turn it off. which didn't work & even my antivirus is not liking it.  Is there any way one can use your old Sailor Generator with the new files?
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No, the new files don't work in the old system, because SailorXv3 was previously hard coded into the "viewer".
I don't get any problems like that on any of the windows PCs I've tried. So frustrating! Can you not just tell the antivirus software to trust it?
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Got it to work now after Avast determined it was virus free.
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Shadow Aurora by ShadowButterflyPenta
My OC's Battle form Shadow Aurora
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