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RELEASED: SailorXv3.22

By SailorXv3
[EDIT: For the newest releases please visit this folder:…]

NEW strapless leotard
NEW low ponytail in motion, 7 lengths

That's it! ^^

You can download her from right from the front page! :w00t:
(You need the free EMCCV viewer to use SailorXv3)
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very nice! just wish there was a way to disable the belt when we have the strapless fuku.

i reeeally like these new ponytails though! especially cause now you can really see them...XD
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Arrgh! Yes, it should be possible. Will take a look at the config. ^^;
PS: but... what? The belt is totally optional with the strapless leotard. It's mandatory only with the two-parters and skirts. No? 
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It didn't give me the option to turn it off. Though maybe i had the skirt on...? Will have to double check that

EDIT: okay yup, i double checked. the leotard is indeed nice and beltless, but the moment i try to add a skirt, then the belt becomes visible and cannot turn it off. poor senshi might have to run around in just the leotard to avoid the belt...XD
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The normal straight ponytails seem to be mis-coded. All the low ponytails show up as well as the normal ponytail.
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Thank you for letting me know!! Fix is coming up! :thanks:
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Ok I have a problem, for some reason, I can't see all the options, it won't go down or there is no down arrow I can't get past the main skirt then the rest is below I know but I can't go down to see them...can you help me? 
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Do you see a "scrollbar" between the menu and the image? You can click it to "scroll" through the menu... If you click at the very top or very bottom of the track you'll jump to the top or bottom of the list respectively.
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