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RELEASED: SailorXv3.22.1

By SailorXv3
[EDIT: For the newest releases please visit this folder:…]

Oops! Apparently the new low ponytails were showing up with the normal high ponytail. No longer. ^^;

I've also adjusted the XL low ponytail to be a little longer, cause it was too similar in length as the L version.

Downloadable at
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now where have rebuild my old Otaku Senshi  I miss a little the  name banner for  me private I could fake him, but it feel bit wrong even I would  put  in place  no tags would go lost.  
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Ah yes, I miss it, too... ^^ 
Oh! Just had an idea on how to implement it! :D (I don't want to put the effort into adding a type tool into the prototype, because it's so much work, but I might just do it with a hack! ^^ 


It'll take a while but I'll get on it!
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I downloaded the emccv and the models but how in the hell to you install the models? Or set the whole thing up for that matter. I had the old one but not this latest because I couldn't understand how to put the model files in. Help!!!!
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Hah! Okay, no problem at all. 
Once you've downloaded both you need to:
1) unzip the (or similar). You should now have a folder called EMCCV_Prototype.win64 or similar, depending on your version
2) place any zipped module files such as into the EMCCV_Prototype.win64 > modules folder. If there isn't such a folder, then simply create it. 
3) unzip the archive. It should now create a SailorXv3 folder within your modules folder: EMCCV_Prototype.win64 > modules > SailorXv3
4) Launch the EMCCV Prototype. The executable file (.exe or .app) is in the EMCCV Prototype folder.

Now you should be presented with a clickable button for each of the modules you have installed this way. Let me know how it goes! :boogie:

*Note to self: add instruction video to website*
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Love it! But on the Fuku section, I can't access anything below "Bottom skirt". Everything was there when I opened it up, but the more I messed around in it, the less stuff was on the screen in that section. Had to fight to get access to the back bows, now I'm stuck with an unfinished Senshi XD
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Which version of the EMCCV Prototype are you using?
When the item list gets too long, do you see the little scrollbar between the aspect menu and the image?
Does it work when you click on it?

Sorry, just gotta make sure I don't start hunting a bug that's not there. ^^;

There WAS a bug that cause the scrollbar to not work when the COLLAPSE tool wasn't activated, so you could try that, but the latest release of the EMCCV Prototype SHOULD work! 

Thank you. ;)
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I've got the latest versions of both the Prototype and the Module. The bottom of the scroll bar is also missing, but it does let me scroll up to the top and down to the point it wont let me pass.

As for the collapse tool, I'm not sure what that is. The bar I see is a vertical one at the edge of the menu that's by the doll.
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Perfect. Okay.
The collapse tool is #6 is this graphic:
EMCCV Tools Cheat Sheet by EMCCV

Try turning it on (white), if it isn't already. See whether that does anything to fix the scrollbar.
If that doesn't fix it... I'm confused by the statement "The bottom of the scroll bar is also missing"... would you mind sending me a screenshot? That way I might have a chance catching that bug. ^^;
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Oh, that XD I've turned it on and off I don't know how many times. Eventually it let me see some of the shoes, heels, and symbols,but not all of them. I included a link to two screenshots (not a member so I can't attach one), and as you can see, the scroll bar just kinda vanishes at the bottom of the window so I can't get to the bottom of it to scroll down.
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Ah I see. The visuals look alright. I don't think there is a problem with the program. Looks to me like the program is simply too far down on your screen... Is your screen that small? Like... can you not fit the entire window within your screen? Move the EMCCV window up so that you can actually see the bottom of it? Which all comes down to: What's your screen resolution? ^^ 
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No, my screen is normal (1280x800). The screenshots were taken with the window full sized.
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AH I SEE!! Thank you. That's a case I hadn't tested. The problem is that the app goes all the way to the bottom of the screen, but that results in the bottom being under your taskbar...

Will have to fix that. Probably by adding a "jump to bottom" button near the top somewhere. :thanks:

In the meantime you'll either have to exit the fullscreen mode, thereby keeping the window smaller than your screen. Then you should be able to reach the bottom. Or you could set your taskbar to auto hide. ^^;
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