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EMCCV Prototype v2 - SailorXv3.19 Bundle

By SailorXv3

[EDIT: This is old. For the newest releases please visit this folder:…]

FAQ at the bottom!

Hello all!! I present to you the new EMCCV Prototype Version 2 bundled with SailorXv3.19!

Download: (UPDATE AVAILABLE! Please go to for the latest downloads)

Recommended are 2GB of RAM and a resolution of at least 1024x768.

I am working on a new version of the website with far more instructions and tutorials and the likes. Until then, here are the key features:

Checkbox: controls the visibility of an aspect
Cog Wheel: Open the style menu for this aspect
Swatch: click to open the color picker for this aspect

Load Entity: click to view a list of previously saved entities. Click on one to load it. This doesn't always work! If it does't the first time around it usually does the next time! Still haven't figured this one out...
Save Entity: Save your current settings to carry on working on your creation later via the Load Entity tool.
Save Image: Saves a full size image of your creation in the application folder under "SailorXv3_images".
COLOR LINK: When you change the colour of an aspect and the color link is activated, then all other aspects that have the same colour are changed as well. Useful when you're dealing with lots of hair parts...
COLLAPSE: When activated, all aspects that are currently disabled are hidden to save screen space.

Now go forth and CREATE! :D

And... let me know of any bugs you may find. FYI: The hex format entry for colours are planned but have a low priority.  The missing name and symbol banners in the background section will come back soon!

NEXT: PATRONS will get a new version of the Adult Female Humanoid soon!!

.:Bullet:. Patreon Please consider supporting the project by becoming a patron:
Arrow left Arrow left Arrow left ALL your contributions count TWICE towards free premium membership for the future EMCCV website! Additionally your contributions serve as a balance that you can spend on sketches and commissions! You get to see WIPs and previews first and in high resolution and your feedback/vote counts extra! All proceeds go towards artwork for the EMCCV!

Arrow left HEX CODES: Yes, I'll add the hex code functionality back in. I just haven't gotten round to it yet. Did you know you can also colour pick in the image? :D
Arrow left COLOUR CHANGES: Deactivate the colour link to make sure you only change the one item you're working on.
Arrow left FULL SCREEN: Once you've made the program full screen just click anywhere and the display should normalize again. I have not found a way to do this automatically and since this is only the prototype I choose not to spend more time on that. The final EMCCV will support resize, zoom, move and much more! :)
Arrow left DELETE ENTITIES: Yes, I haven't finished the delete feature. It will follow soon! Until then you can delete the files manually. Each thumbnail displays the name of the entity you saved. Go into the SailorXv3_entities folder and delete both files (txt and png) that have that name. Done.
Arrow left LIST TOO LONG: When the item list gets too long you should have a wide mid-grey bar at the very bottom. Click on it. It scrolls the content! (Forgot to add an arrow to it... will fix!)
Arrow left HAIR BOW: Will make it available without ponytail!
Arrow left FOREHEAD SYMBOLS: Forgot about these! Will add soon!
Arrow left FIST ATTACKS: Forgot to test these. Will fix!
Arrow left FIST BORDERS: Forgot to test these. Will fix!
Arrow left BACK BOW TRANSPARENCY: Forgot! Will add them back in!


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© 2016 - 2021 SailorXv3
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Lady-Shade's avatar
I tried to download the EMCCV program and modules. I followed your video but my program won't recognize the modules. Help?
SailorXv3's avatar
Hi Seleane, ^^

1) What exactly do you mean by "my program doesn't recognize the modules"? By "my program" you mean the EMCCV? (Just checking that you're not trying another program. Or do you mean during unzip??) 
2) How far do you get? Do you get the EMCCV to launch? And it says "no modules found?"

If you're on Windows 64 bit, then you could try the new bundle:…
That way at least we know the file/folder structure is correct. If you're on a different system and want to try the bundle let me know and I'll prepare it for you. ;)

We'll figure this out. :nod:
Lady-Shade's avatar
It worked, thank you.
SailorXv3's avatar
Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. :w00t:
Lady-Shade's avatar
You're welcome.
So, this one already came out or not yet?…
SailorXv3's avatar
And thank you, I completely forgot about this bundle. I really should update it with the latest EMCCV Prototype! ^^;
You're welcome and ooh....that's why. >w<
SailorXv3's avatar
File not found, but I'm guessing you got my email? ^^
Oh yeah, I sent a email back. hehe :3
BCPrincessMLP's avatar
The randomization isn't working for me... Is that part functional?
SailorXv3's avatar
Yes, it should be! You need the capital letters - meaning you need to press shift+the letter. Did you try that?
BCPrincessMLP's avatar
OK, so I tried it, and it didn't work for the fuku. It just removed the leotard. It also did not change when I pressed the keys twice for any of the clothing options--legs, arms, or fuku.
SailorXv3's avatar
Ok, sorry about that. I will look into it!
BCPrincessMLP's avatar
No, I didn't. Thanks!
Iggwilv's avatar
The colors keep resetting for some reason. This is the second time for me playing with this update and for every color I try all the color choices I made previously become that new color, even the background. WTF!!!
SailorXv3's avatar
Deactivate the color link! 
Guess I shouldn't have activated it by default. ^^;
Iggwilv's avatar
I figured it out. But looks good otherwise.
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG*does this for the next hour. please fast forward at your convieniece.*

I AM SO EXCITED TO PLAY WITH THIS AND TEST IT!!!!*does so immediately like now*
SailorXv3's avatar
Haha! Awesome! Thank you. :D
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
so my couple critiques...definitely seems more complicated to use than the old version, not entirely sure if it's just getting used to the new layout or not.

secondly. i personally don't care for the small size of the doll base area, and not being able to enlarge the window without stretching the doll out to beyond recognition/decent proportions. i miss the size we had with the other sailorx generator...
SailorXv3's avatar
You can resize the window. Just click anywhere and the content will adjust. :nod:
And if you turn off the color link and the collapse tool then you basically have the same functionality, no? I don't remember changing anything in terms of functionality. It wasn't my intention anyway, except make things less restrictive and offer a colour picker for each aspect. So in that respect I suppose more options result in more complications. And of course the hair set now works the same as all other sets... And of course you now sort of have to set the colour for each item by opening the colour picker instead of just clicking on a swatch. which means you need more than one click to set a colour. Is that what you're missing? I was thinking about adding back at least a couple of swatches, but of course course they would take up room. But maybe that's worth it? ... ^^
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
oh hey, that does work. yay! okay one thing solved.

uhh....okay i gotcha now, nope was not talking about the swatches. i guess i was just a bit overloaded by the "ALL THE OPTIONS HERE FOR THIS, THIS, THIS AND THAT!" ^^0 i'm beginning to adjust though! and once again wishing we had more stuff...:p da more thiiiiiings.

i will be quite relieved when the hex code feature makes its return though.
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