Hello all!

I've decided that the group is now for your submissions only!
That way people who follow my SailorXv3 account as well as the group don't get double submissions.

Therefore if you are only following this group and want to stay up to date with my updates, previews etc please make sure you follow the SailorXv3 account.

That's all. Move along. Carry on. ^^
Please go over to my personal profile AerynDiana and let me know what type of pose you'd like to see for SailorXv3!
I called it Character Generator in the poll because I am considering also adding generic superhero costumes. :)
Welcome to the new members!! :)

I apologize for not getting to the submissions in time before they expire! I have now changed the setting to accept submissions to the v2.8 and up galleries automatically. Please note that the original characters are only those that appear in the anime or manga. If you create another form of one of the original characters it is still one of the original characters. So is adult Chibiusa. A future Sailor Mars, who is the daughter of the original Sailor Mars, would however be an otaku Senshi.

Btw, I have found the platform I will use for v3 and it will not be KiSS or Flash. I estimate it will be about a year until I know it well enough to start coding v3. :excited:

That's it for today. :)
Hello everybody!

Sorry for being absent for so long. Some of you may know that my private life has been pretty turbulent for the past... Four years! Wow.

I just want to confirm once more that SailorX is not dead. But I have indeed come to the conclusion, that I will not update SailorXv2 again. This is because the technology is old and many people have problems with UltraKiss. Better alternatives are out there. I do not want to start with flash, because it will be replaced by HTML5 in the future. So I am simply waiting for HTML5 to become recognized as the new web standard before I start working on SailorXv3.

In addition I will be starting a programming course this year, which means that I will be learning the skills I need to create exactly the kind of generator I have in mind! Cross-platform, multiple poses and expressions, and all the colors in the world! :)

I hope that the return of the Sailor Moon anime will keep you interested for long enough! :)

Lots of love!

Aeryn (aka AerynDiana)
This is a place for those of you who like to create your own Sailor Soldiers (aka Otaku Senshi).

This group is new and I am new to groups so info will follow soon. I am hoping to find a volunteer to help me out here. Shouldn't take up too much time. if you're interested in the position please let me know via note!

Until I post all info here you can still find it on my website at Kisekae.SailormoonFanart.net and some additional info on my profile SailorXv3.

If you'd like to submit art please go ahead! Only art created with the SailorXbasic or SailorXv2 Generators. Make sure you submit it to the right folder. or something. (Did I mention I am new to this?)


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