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that was sonic fast
^^; any chance do any of you have an exe of Ultrakiss you can email to me? None of the websites have a working file.
I'm using this but I'm only putting in my If anyone would like to draw my OCs for SailorMoon, then check here: < my SM OCs are for a long stories that is mostly a crossover with other animes/games. lol It might get it's own site soon.
Unfortunately I can't really download computer can't support it. 
I might be wrong but was there a version of SXV3 without EMCCV?
Sorry about the late reply. I never see these notifications. In the future please contact me directly. ^^

Ok, yes. You can still download the old standalone SailorXv3, but I would first try to get the new version running.

1) What exact error message do you get when you try to run it?
2) How old is your PC?
3) MAC OSX, Windows 32 bit or Windows 64 bit?
4) How much Ram do you have?

(Best to answer in a note. ^^;)

You might just need to install the latest version of Java to get the EMCCV to work. :fingerscrossed:
This is a stupid question to ask, but my grey bar to scroll down doesn't work. how do you scroll down in the menus?
So sorry for the late reply. I always overlook my group messages. I respond much faster from any of my personal accounts! (EMCCV, SailorXv3, DianaHold)

The latest version of the Prototype has a vertical "scrollbar", though it doesn't work per drag and drop. It works via click! The very top and the very bottom of the track will make the menu jump all the way to the top or bottom respectively. Otherwise clicking above or below the handlebar will simply move the menu up or down by one.

Hope that helps!! ^^