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And One of Them Was Black

By SailorX2
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10 December 2014

"The City Council would like to remind you about the tiered heavens and the hierarchy of angels. The reminder is that you still should not know anything about this. The structure of heaven and the angelic organizational chart are still privileged information. Also, angels aren’t real."
-Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 25

Back in September my art history class was talking about things like idols and depictions of deities and other supernatural creatures during the Ancient Near-East chapter. My prof. said he'd give bonus points for someone designing a deity, or drawing a deity from an existing mythology, or something of that ilk - I was never sure, he's a painter teaching an academic class, you can never be sure. At first I was all like "YEAH! HITTITES!" because nobody except me loves them, but then I thought that alot of these types of depictions have humanoid, animistic, or both for millennia, so I wanted to get a little weird. Cthulhu was to difficult for the short timespan, and I did always want to draw my headcannon for Erika. Besides, I need more Night Vale fanart in my collection anyways. I remember the Angels being described as ten feet tall, radiant, and one of them was black. Also in a later episode, a tear was descirbed as sliding down Erika's seven cheekbones, and in another one was radiating a dark light and operatic music. (I wasn't thinking about the seven cheekbones part when drawing this, but here I still have more than one!) Either way he's got a pretty snazzy sweater from Old Woman Josie. And it's the black angel who changed the lightbulb, if that sweetens the pot. Angel Emote - chatroom 

I didn't colour the pencil sketch until now, however. But though I clealy gave up on the flowers on those wings, and the pencil work is a mess, I think it actually works with the piece.
Also, halos are fun.

Since we've been discussing Early Christian, Romanesque, and Gothic art recently, I wonder if I can fish more bonus points out of this?
As per usual, I love to hear what you guys have to say. Comments, concerns, critiques, or headcannons!

Remember that Angels are not legally real.
-Mechanical Pencil; Graphite (0.5)
-Paint Tool SAI

Estimated Time:
-20 minute sketch, 30 minute colour

Alternate Versions:

-Requiem - Lacrimosa (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
-Pretty Little Head (Eliza Rickman)
-Closer (The Tiny)
-Cupid (OLIVA Lufkin)
-Waiting for the Bus in the Rain (Satellite High)
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That is a v. unique take on an angel. I've never seen one wearing a sweater until now. =D
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SailorX2Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I really love dealing with Welcome to Night Vale stuff, because I just feel like I can go and really mix things up. (If you're not familiar with Night Vale, it's got everything from floating cats in fixed points to the faceless-old-woman-who-secretly-lives-in-your-home.)

Plus I always figured Old Woman Josie out by the car lot could have totally knitted some awesome sweaters for 'em - I mean they already do her housework, hence the lightbulb.
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I've never heard of Night Vale until now.  Did a quick web search. Sounds interesting. :-) Gotta check it out some more.  
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SailorX2Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, it's a pretty cool podcast, set in a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights float overhead as we all pretend to sleep. It's kinda like Stephen King + NPR + HP Lovecraft + Gravity Falls, etc. Expect beautiful, inspiring quotes mixed with morbid hilarity, some new music serving as weather reports, and the weirdest of things being treated as mundane.

I think the best part is the crazy amount of variety you get since there is no truly official imagery apart from the logo (many people tend to imagine station intern Dana as either black or Muslim, maybe both. And who's to say anyone in this town is 100% human, anywho?). And oftentimes when someone is described, it's either vague, or with unexpected elements.

Also it's nice to listen to when you're cleaning or cooking or something like that.

Podcast -->
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Listened to 4 episodes yesterday. LOL, I can see why you say it's like NPR. Yeah, it'll definitely make the housework go by quicker. Thx for sharing. :-)